Jalalpur Jattan

Jalalpur Jattan is a town located in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan. The main villages of Jalalpur Jattan are: Duhdraye Sharqi (Duhdra East), Mota, Tanda, Bhagowal, Mionwal,Chak Kamala, Lakhan Wal, Bheraj, Kotli Kohala, Jhemat, Kotla sohian, Dhoday Sharif, Kaseb, Wazid, Dhamtel, Jasu saraye, Miran Chak, Tibbi Kissana, Hajiwal, Karianwala, Bhagowal, Chak Qazi, Bagge Chak, Hadka, Awan Sharif, Barila, Ajnala, Shero Chak and Buddhan.


The city of Jalalpur Jattan was founded by a Gujjar named Jalal and Kula Chor, and a place in Jalalpur Jattan, was built by Chandragupta Maurya, an Indian ruler in 300 BC. Excavations in the area revealed that Kula Chor was the mint of the Maurya Dynasty. It is pertinent to mention that a new wave of people appeared in India in 12th century known as Kuchour tribe. It can be assumed that the place was populated by the Kula Chours, instead of Chandragupta.

A local historian, Mansoor Behzad Butt, believed that Chandragupta had built a fort in Islam Garh, a suburban village of Jalalpur Jattan. The original name of the village could not be ascertained but the fort became famous as Islam Garh Fort with the passage of time. Only some deteriorated remains of the fort exists today. Later, the fort had been the mint of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, of Lahore, in 1832 The present papulation of jalalpur jattan is about 70,000 .

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