panthéon français

230th (Voltigeurs Canadiens-Français) Battalion, CEF

The 230th (Voltigeurs Canadiens-Français) Battalion, CEF was a unit in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the unit began recruiting in early 1916 eastern Ontario, Hull, Quebec, and the surrounding district. The battalion became the 230th Forestry Battalion in October 1916. This unit apparently sent six drafts overseas in 1917; these were on January 23 (S.S. Scandinavia), January 26 (S.S. Grampian), March 3 (S.S. Ausonia), May 3 (S.S. Justicia), June 2 (S.S. Olympic), and June 25 (S.S. Justicia).


Meek, John F. Over the Top! The Canadian Infantry in the First World War. Orangeville, Ont.: The Author, 1971.

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