Cold panned process

The cold panned process is a process for making candy by slowly depositing layers onto a core by spinning the candy in a horizontally-mounted "pan", not unlike a clothes dryer. The process was initially invented in 17th century France to make Jordan almonds.

The shell-less candies are placed in the pan and constantly agitated (by rocking or spinning) while the ingredients of the coating are added. Some systems use a belt rather than a rotating container to achieve the tumbling action. Typically, the ingredients include syrups, dyes, flavors and sugar. Through repeated coating and drying, a shell is accumulated on the individual candies.

In modern times, panning is a process carried out using dedicated machinery, with controlled temperatures and humidity to ensure uniform shells between batches. Some companies specialize in panning, such as Sconza Candy Company in the US.

Jellybeans are made with a process called 'soft panning' which is more difficult to do in an automated way since the machinery becomes fouled more easily by the sticky ingredients.

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