PANDEAN is a modern approach to pet nutrition. It has become an accepted method in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden in the 90s. In recent years this trend has reached America as well.

PANDEAN Principles

The PAN-DEAN Diet is an acronym for Pasteurized, Nutrient Dense , and All Natural Diet. This diet is structured to resemble a new, safe and healthy feeding concept for pets. Virtually all commonly used preservatives (BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin, and Sodium metabisulfite) and artificial flavor are eliminated by the usage of refrigeration. Although this diet has been viewed as a departure from the traditional concept of petcare, these are still just guidelines and have not yet been adopted by any federal agencies.


Pasteurization (PA)

A process method commonly used in human food products, such as dairy and meat processing. It generally kills dangerous bacteria and parasites from food without jeopardizing it to excessive heat and pressure. After this process the product is quickly chilled, packaged and stored in chillers to prevent spoilage. High levels of heat and pressure causes a decline in nutrient value and reduces the nutrient absorption level. Refrigeration is used instead of preservatives to prevent spoilage. The gentle cooking process also leaves a highly palatable natural flavor. However, the product often suffers a much shorter storage life compare to most pet food.

Nutrient Dense (NDE)

This diet is claim to be "Nutrient Dense". It includes fat soluble vitamins (A, 0, E, & K) and B vitamins. Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are included to ensure strong bones and teeth, while iron and copper are used to maintain healthy red blood cells and zinc is included for proper growth and healthy skin. However, the exact amount and volume of these nutrients are not stated.

All Natural (AN)

The diet includes no preservatives, no additive artificial coloring, no glutens, no sugar, no digestive accelerants and no soy. The primary ingredient is fresh “whole” meat. No meals, by products or frozen meat are used as apart of the ingredients.

Companies under the PANDEAN Diet Guidelines

Culinary Crossing Fresh Dog Food US

Freshpet US

VIP Pet Food AU

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