palestinian islamic jihad

List of Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide attacks

List of suicide attacks carried out by Palestinian Islamic Jihad

The criteria used for this list: deliberate attacks committed by Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide bombers against civilians.


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Beit Lid massacreJanuary 22, 1995Beit Lid Junction21Two bombers. One detonated at rescue party.


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Dizengoff Center massacreMarch 4, 1996Tel Aviv13+125 injured. Done on the Purim day.


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Taibe Bridge bombingJanuary 30, 2001Taibe2 Injured
Hadera Central Bus Station bombingMay 25, 2001Central bus station, Hadera45 injured2 terrorists within a car bomb
Kfar Saba centre bombingApril 22, 2001Kfar Saba1
Binyamina train station bombingJuly 16, 2001Binyamina23 more were injured critically
Sbarro restaurant massacreAugust 9, 2001Downtown Jerusalem15Carried out together with HAMAS
Wall-Street Restaurant bombingAugust 12, 2001Kiryat Motzkin14 injured
Kibbutz Shluhot bombingOctober 7, 2001Kibbutz Shluhot1
Wadi Ara bombingNovember 29, 2001Wadi Ara Junction3Carried out together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
Hilton Mamilla bombingDecember 5, 2001Mamilla, Jerusalem11 injured
Check Post Junction bombingDecember 9, 2001Check Post Junction in the direction of Tel Hanan (Haifa area)29 injured


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Old Central Bus Station massacresJanuary 25, 2002Tel Aviv23 injuredDouble Suicide attack, together with Fatah
Egged bus 823 bombingMarch 20, 2002Vadi Ara,Muzmuz Junction5
Passover MassacreMarch 27, 2002Netanya30Suicide attack in Passover ceremony in Park Hotel
Yagur Junction bombingApril 10, 2002Yagur8
Egged bus 830 massacreJune 5, 2002Megiddo Junction17Bomber situated within a car bomb
Um El Phamem bombingSeptember 5, 2002Um El Phahem Junction in Vadi Ara1
Egged bus 841 massacreOctober 21, 2002Carcur Junction142 Suicide bombers used a bomb jeep with 100 KG TNT


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
London Cafe bombingMarch 30, 2003Netanya54 injured
"HaAmakim Shopping mall bombing"May 19,2003Afula3Attributed to Hamas
Sdei Trumot bombingJune 1, 2003Moshav [[Sdei Trumot1
Kfar Yabetz bombingJuly 7, 2003Kfar Yabetz1
Maxim restaurant suicide bombingOctober 4, 2003Haifa21


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Stage Club bombingFebruary 25, 2005Tel Aviv sea promenade5Carried out together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and with Hizballah involvement
Kenyon HaSharon bombingJuly 12, 2005Netanya5
Central Bus Station Beer Sheva bombingAugust 28, 2005Beer Sheva50 injured, 2 criticallyCarried out together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
Hadera Market bombingOctober 26, 2005Hadera6
Netanya bombingDecember 5, 2005Netanya5


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Old Central Bus Station massacresJanuary 19, 2006Tel Aviv15 injured
Old Central Bus Station massacresApril 17, 2006Tel Aviv11Carried out together with Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades


NameDateLocationDeath TollNotes
Eilat bakery bombingJanuary 29, 2007Eilat3Both Islamic Jihad and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigates claim joint responsibility

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