Leonard Johnston Wills

Leonard Johnston Wills (1884-1979) was a British geologist and paleogeographer. He served as Professor of Geology at the University of Birmingham from 1932 until 1949. Among his interests were fossilized arthropods, footprints, and fish. He won both the Wollaston Medal and the Lyell Medal for his works.


  • "A palæogeographical atlas of the British Isles and adjacent parts of Europe", 1952
  • "A monograph of British Triassic scorpions", 1947
  • "Concealed coalfields: A palaeogeographical study of the stratigraphy and tectonics of mid-England in relation to coal reserves", 1956
  • "A palaeogeological map of the Lower Palaeozoic floor below the cover of Upper Devonian, Carboniferous and later formations : with inferred and speculative reconstructions of Lower Palaeozoic and Precambrian outcrops in adjacent areas", 1978


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