painting style


Style may refer to:

  • Genre, a loose set of criteria for a category or composition
  • Design, the process of creating something
  • Format, various terms that refer to the style of different things
  • Human physical appearance
  • Fashion, a prevailing mode of expression, i.e. clothing
  • Typeface, style is one of the three traditional design features along with size and weight: either regular, italic or condensed

Style may also refer to:

  • Painting style, in art and painting style can refer either to the aesthetic values followed in choosing what to paint (and how) or to the physical techniques employed
  • Style (manner of address), titles or honorifics, including Chinese courtesy names
  • Style (botany), a stalk structure in female flower parts. See Gynoecium


Film and television

Literature and linguistics

Other uses

  • "Style", on a sundial, the part of the gnomon that casts a shadow
  • Style = Stan + Kyle, a popular slash pairing from the TV cartoon South Park

See also

  • Stile, a step used for crossing a fence
  • Stylus, a writing instrument

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