List of Marathi writers

Here is a list of some Marathi writers who are well-known in their field but don't have a separate page for themselves in wiki.

The list is arranged alphabetically by the last name.

  • Achawal Madhav : A writer, critic, prolific reader from Baroda. By profession, he was an architect. He was close to Pu La and Sunitabai Deshpande, Shri Pu Bhagwat, G A Kulkarni. His book 'Kimaya' deals with architecture, its aesthetics, and its effect on human mind. Another collection of his articles was published under the title 'Jaaswand'. He wrote literary criticism for Satyakatha under the name 'Rasik'.
  • Barve Vinayak Laxman (1896-1948) : A writer from Konkan. Vi La Barave wrote a short novel named 'Muchkund-dari' in 1940, and also wrote some poems. He had deep contempt for literary critics. He was Katdare's contemporary. He lived in Chiplun and thought that all critics are fools and all doctors rascals. He was paralytic. He had translated Gray's Elegy in Marathi.
  • Bedekar Malati was among the earlier generation of women writers. Maltibai was the second wife of Vishram Bedekar. She chaired a 'Parallel' Sahitya Sammelan around 1980, held in protest against excessive Govt meddling in the main Sahitya Sammelan. Her maiden name was Balutai Khare. She also wrote under the pen-name Vibhavari Shirurkar.
  • Bedekar Vishram (Aug 1906 - Oct 1998) : Wrote the famous novel 'Ranangan' (raNaangaN) and wrote scripts for films.
  • Behere Ganapati Vasedev : Ga Waa Behere was a combative writer, editor and journalist. He espoused the politics of Hindutva and Savarkar was his idol. He published Gopal Godse's book on Gandhi's assassination and was involved in several court cases brought against him by the government. He edited the periodical SOBAT. He was also involved in literary movements. He didn't think much of several famous dalit writers but gave high marks to Shankarrao Kharat as a great writer of dalit sahitya. He campaigned against Congress Govt in 'SOBAT', his weekly, after Mrs Gandhi lifted emergency in 1977 and held elections. Several collections of his articles have been published. In SOBAT he ran a column with purely literary slant named 'Gavaaksh', and also one named 'kaTaaksha'. He used Anil Vishwas (sic) as one of his pen-names upon the suggestion of his composer friend C Ramchandra.
  • Bhosle Dinkar Dattatrey (b 1930) : Published short stories under a woman's pen-name, 'Charuta Sagar'.
  • Bokil Vi. Va. : He wrote short stories in a very simple Marathi and day-to-day realistic language. Vijay Tendulkar was highly impressed by his writing style.
  • Chirmule Sharachchandra (1931-1992) : A collection of his stories 'shri-shillak' has been published. He was also interested in music and once interviewed Kumar Gandharva for Pune Akashvani.
  • Chitampalli Maruti : A nature lover and birder from Vidarbha who has written about his outdoor experiences.
  • Chorghade Vaman : A Gandhian writer from Wardha and Nagpur. He chaired Sahitya Sammelan at Chandrapur in 1979.
  • Dahake Vasant Abaji (b 1942) : Poet, novelist, editor from Vidarbha. His wife Prabha Ganorkar is also a writer.
  • Dandekar Malati Madhav (1911-1986) : Writer of stories, novels and literature for children.
  • Deodhar Prof B R : He edited a periodical on classical music for several years and also wrote articles for it. Other Marathi writers on classical music are Vamanrao Deshpande, Pu La Deshpande, Keshavrao Bhole, Gopalkrishna Bhobe, Kru Da Dixit, Mohan Nadkarni. The best writing on light music has been done by Madhav Moholkar and Shirish Kanekar. Isaak Muzawar and Ambrish Mishra have also written on music.
  • Desai Ranjit (1928-1992) : Wrote the novels Swami and shriman yogi among others , on the life of Madhavrao Peshwe and chatrapati shivaji respectively. his forte was the historical novel and he also wrote novels depicting the rural /village life and dalit sensitivity.he was awarded the coveted padmashri and the sahitya academy award .he also won the maharashtra state awards for his novels,short stories.Other writers of his era who wrote historical novels were bh da kher , Vi Sa Walimbe, Shivaji Sawant.he lived in his native village kowad and had a sense of pride in being the son of soil,quite unlike his contemporeries who chose to live in cities and attepted to write about the village life which they had long left behind.
  • Deshpande Dr. Shirish Gopal : Only Marathi recepant of "Shaileshchandra Dasgupta SAHITYA SETU award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian Literature (Calcutta 1994), since last 42 years. He is the first to introduce Vidnyan-kavita in world literature, poetry with vision & imagery of science. His experience and expression has all-together changed a perspective of poetic impulse; had given a thought for new trend. Collection of such poems 'Litmus' (1973) and 'Epsilon' (2000). 'Even though Dr Deshpande is noted for his Vidnyan kavita, he is welknown for his lyrics with immence musicality' says AK Kale,HOD Nagpur University. Shirish Gopal Deshpande became Professor of Marathi in early age and contributed with lot of books (Original and Research). Few of them 'aranya-kand', 'Vaikalya'(Novels) 'Hindu'(essays), 'Raja Shahaji' (Epic-novel); musical albums like Chanra Chandanacha' and screen-plays like 'Gotya' has gained popularity.
  • Deshpande Gajanan Tryambak (1910-1989) : Sanskrit Pandit, an authority on Sanskrit literature. Writer of the study 'Bharatiya Sahitya-shastra' (Popular Prakashan, 1958).
  • Dhere Raa Chi.n : A contemporary historian. His book 'Shri Vitthal : Ek Mahasamanvay' got him Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Gaikwad Laxman : His autobiography 'Uchlya' got him Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Ghate Viththal Dattatrey : Vi Da Ghate was a marvelously gifted writer. His books : 'Divas Ase Hote' and 'Vichar-vilasite', among others. Viththalrao's father was also a literary figure and write poems under the name 'Kavi Datt'. Kavi Datt died at a very young age.
  • Godbole Parashuram-tatya (1799-1874) : Translated a drama named 'uttar-ram-charit' in 1859. Name of the original drama not known.
  • Godbole Ravindra : A Contemporary writer. His writings include historical books like 'Aurangzeb - Shakyata Ani Shokantika', 'Samrat Akbar' and 'Indracha Janma'.
  • Godghate Manik Sitarampant (b 1937) : Writes under the pen-name 'Grace'. A poet from Nagpur.
  • Gokhale Arvind (1919-1992) : Short-story writer.
  • Gore Narayan Ganesh (1907-1993) : Naa Ga Gore (or Nanasaheb Gore) was a socialist leader and a stylish prose writer. Some of his books : 'Kaaraagruhaachyaa Bhintii', 'kaahii paane, kaahii phule'.
  • Gramopadhye Gangadhar Balwant (1909-2002) : A scholarly student of Sant Sahitya, Marathi language and medieval literature.
  • Gurjar Viththal Sitaram (1885-1962) : A writer from Konkan. He write the songs in Ekach Pyala because Gadkari was too ill to write. Gadkari died soon later without replacing Gurjar's songs; so it is Gurjar's lyrics that the audience of the drama hears even today. Gurjar had translated Rakhaldas Banerjee's book 'Shashank' into Marathi.
  • Joshi Chi.Vi. : The greatest Humorist and creator of 'Chimanrao'.
  • Joshi Mahadev-shastri (1906-1992) : Friend of Shri Na Pendse and Vinda Karandikar. Continental Prakashan published his autobiographical book 'aamachaa vaanaprasthaashram' in 1983.
  • Joshi Sudhakar Dattatraya (1938- Udogashi Jadale Nate : First genration women entrepreneurs of Maharashtra. He has edited along with Prof. G.Y.Kamat and Prof. Anand Nadkarni the book : Keshavsut Samiksha 1906-1956, published by Lekhan Vachan Bhandar, Pune.
  • Joshi Shrikrishna Janardan (1915-1989) : Write the book Anandi Gopal.
  • Joshi Shripad : His autobiography 'Ulgaaulag' was published by Continental Prakashan in 1983. He has translated Urdu Poetry in Marathi.
  • Kakodkar Chandrakant (1921-1988) : A very very prolific writer of utterly trivial novels. He wrote more than 300 novels which are an object of contempt because they are devoid of any literary worth. His novel 'Shyama' (1963) was accused of being vulgar. Kakodkar successfully moved Supreme Court to get it published.
  • Kale Keshav Narayan : 'K Narayan Kale' was a writer, critic, translator, script-writer for films, and an actor associated with the famous PRABHAT studio.
  • Kale Shripad : A writer from Konkan.
  • Kale Vasant Purushottam : Va Pu Kale was a gifted writer, part-time violin and harmonium player, an architect by profession.
  • Kanekar Shirish : He is a journalist, presenter of shows and writer on cricket, films, and filmi music. He worked for the newspaper Loksatta; the paper ran his popular series on film personalities, titled 'Yaadon Ki Baaraat'.
  • Kamble Namdeo : Novelist. His novel 'Raghav vel' got him Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Karnik Madhu Mangesh (b 28-04-1931 or 1933?) : A writer and literary activist from Konkan.
  • Katdare Madhav Keshav (1892-1958). A collection of his poetry was published in 1935 : Kavi Madhav Yaanchi Kavita. 'Hirave taL-kokaN, a famous poem, is included in it. He was Vi La Barve's contemporary.
  • katkar yashodhara (b 1954) Yashodhara has emerged as a new age marathi writer of today.her initial writing was autobiographical titled "BANJARYACHE GHAR"containing essays depicting a women's search for her own space.she later wrote,"APOORVA,ALAUKIK,EKMEV" again an autobiographical account of the great personalities in maharashtra's cultural life such as lata mangeshkar,actress sulochana,doctor kashinath ghanekar,rahi barve among others.both these books were very well appreciated by readers and critics.yashodhara chosed to deviate from the track and wrote,"PRAVAS PARYATANACHE NAVE PAILOO"for her students,"SWAYAM SHIKSHIT,SWAYAM PRAKASHIT "about the disaster affected daughters of maharashtra ,and "MOOLMANTRA CAREERCHA"on career guidance for the students in far flung villages and talukas of maharashtra.but it was her collection of short stories titleD;"THIRD PERSON" which fetched her the coveted damani puraskar in 2007.
  • Kelkar Manohar Mahadev (1913-1994) : Edited a literary monthly named 'Va~ngmay-shobha' for many years starting from 1939. A collection of his articles named 'te maajhe ghar' has been published. He was Narsopant Kelkar's nephew. A writer named Nilkanth Mahadev Kelkar wrote a biography of Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale. Perhaps he was Manohar Kelkar's brother?
  • Kelkar Narsinh Chintaman (1872-1947) : Narsopant (or Tatyasaheb) Kelkar was called 'Sahitya-samrat'. He was a famous political, cultural leader, who was prolific in several branches of literature. He was biographer and close associate of Lokmanya Tilak, and editor of 'Kesri' and 'Sahyadri'.
  • Kelkar Ya. Na. : Historian who compiled Marathi 'Powadas' in his famous book 'Aitihasik Powade' (two volumes). He also researched and wrote 'Vasaicha Sangram'.
  • Khadilkar Krishnaji Prabhakar : Kakasaheb Khadilkar was a playwright, and a close associate of Lokmanya Tilak. His most famous plays are Manapman and Swayamvar, which were written for Bal Gandharva at the height of his powers.
  • Khanolkar Chintamani Tryambak (8 March 1930-1976) : He wrote poems under the name Arati Prabbu. He was a gifted poet, novelist, story-writer, playwright, script-writer for films, translator of poetry into Marathi. Addiction to alcohol claimed him when he was still relatively young. He is associated with works of art like 'Chaani', 'Nakshtranche Dene'. His novels attracted controversy because of sexually explicit passages.
  • Kharat Shankarrao : Writer of one of the best books in Dalit Sahitya genre : 'TaraaL AntaraaL'. He was a sober writer of an art-form which is frequently marked by and often undermined by its own fire-breathing. He chaired a Sahitya Sammelan.
  • Khare Ganesh Hari : Ga Ha Khare was a historian, and a member of Bharat Itihas Sanshodhak Mandal, Pune. Babasaheb Purandare, the famous Shiv-shahir, is his disciple.
  • Khare Vasudev-shashtri : Vasudev Vaman Khare was a playwright. He was a fierce nationalist and devotee of Lokmanya Tilak. There is a chapter on him in Chintamanrao Kolhatkar's book : 'Bahurupi'. Master Dinanath was the most famous exponent of Shastribuwa's songs. Besides Vasudev Shastri was a historian.
  • Kolhtkar Shripad Krushna : The pioneer in the field of Marathi Humor. His book 'Sudamyache Pohe' was a milestone in Marathi literature. He was also a successful playwrite and critic. Gadkari, Khandekar, Madkholkar and Varerkar were his disciples.
  • Kolte Vi Bhi : From Nagpur. He studied the literature of Mahanubhaav Panth.
  • Kshirsagar Shrikrishna Keshav (1901-1980). Shri Ke Kshi, as he was known, was a critic, autobiographer, story writer, novelist.
  • Kulkarni Dattatray Bhikaji (b 1934) : Da Bhi Kulkarni is a critic who was Professor of Marathi in Nagpur. His most famous books are 'Himvantichi Sarovare' and 'Parthivateche Udayaast'.
  • Kulkarni Krishna J (1918-1941?) : Disappeared mysteriously in 1941. A collection of her stories 'Yamuna-tiriche Bulbul' was published in 1973.
  • Kulkarni Shrinivas Vinayak (b 1936) : Essayist and Editor. His book 'Doh' is quite brilliant.
  • Kurulkar Pankaj : A contemporary short story writer.
  • Kurundkar Narhar : He was a scholarly writer, speaker and teacher from Marathwada. He had studied years of Muslim rule and tyranny in India, and wrote about the era beautifully.
  • Mahajan Kavita : She is one of the most noted in the recent years due to her path-breaking novels 'Br' and 'Bhinna'.
  • Mane Laxman : His autobiography 'Upara' got him Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Matkari Ratnakar : A contemporary horror story writer. Also has written light-hearted plays.
  • Mehendale Gajanan Bhaskar : One of the greatest contemporary historian.
  • Mokashi Di Baa. Author of short stories, 'saat laksha paaval.n'.
  • Nadkarni Dnyaneshwar (b 1928) : Story-writer, novelist, biographer. Has written a book on Bal Gandharva. Mohan Nadkarni has also written a book on Bal Gandharva.
  • Natu Gopal Narhar (1911-1999) : Poet 'Manmohan' had a rich imagination. A collection ofhis poems called 'Aditya' was published in 1971 by Continental Prakashan.
  • Padgaonkar Mangesh (b 1929) : Poet. His kavita-sangrah named 'Salaam' won Sahitya Akademi Award in 1980. Along with Vinda Karandikar and Vasant Bapat, he presented several programs of poetry reading.
  • Padhye Bhau : Wrote a serial named 'Vasunaka' (published as a book in 1966) which was an object of controversy because some passages in it were deemed vulgar. He also wrote for the periodical SOBAT. His other novels are 'Vaitaag-waadi' and 'Barrister Aniruddha Dhopeshwarkar'.
  • Padhye Prabhakar Atmaram (1909 - 22 March 1984, Pune) : Prabhakar Padhye edited a periodical named Dhanurdhari. He was a devoted member of the Socialist Party. He encouraged many young men to develop taste in literature and acted as their guide. His wife Kamal Padhye wrote her memoirs after Prabhakar Padhye's death. Padhye was a dedicated man of letters, a journalist, editor, story-writer, critic, travel-writer, novelist. His treatise 'Saundaryaanubhav' won Sahitya Akademi Award in 1980.
  • Paranjpe Shakuntala (1906-2000) : Writer and social worker. Daughter of Wrangler Raghunath Purushottam Paranjape, mother of film director Sai Paranjape, related to Dhondo Keshav Karve, and contemporary of his daughter-in-law Iravati Karve.
  • Patil Nivruttinath Raoji (urf Savlaram) (d 21 Dec 1997) : P Savlaram was a lyricist. Vi Sa Paage named him 'Savlaram' and he used the name to write songs. He formed a famous triumvirate with composer Vasant Prabhu and Lata Mangeshkar. While he is not considered a major poet, his simple style and his decision to operate within his own limits were his strengths which were praised by more gifted poets like Kusumagraj. Savlaram's songs have a charm, and thanks to the genius of his musical comrades, the songs became very famous in their day, and continue to get significant air time even today.
  • Patwardhan Madhavrao : 'Madhav Julian' was the most famous poet of Ravi-kiran Mandal, a group of poets. Kavi Girish (father of playwright Vasant Kanetkar) also belonged to the group. Patwardhan published Persian-Marathi dictionary.
  • Pawar Daya : His book 'Baluta' was very famous.
  • Pethe Meghana : A contemporary bold short story writer. Her books are 'Hans Akela', 'Andhalyachya Gai' etc.
  • Phadke Kamla (1916-1980) : Writer of stories, novelist. the wife of Na Si Phadke.
  • Pundalik Vidhyadhar (1924-1989) : Story-writer, playwright, critic.
  • Rajadhyaksha Vijaya, nee Apte (b 1933) : Writer, critic. She has written short stories, a book discussing Mardhekar's poetry, and a book evaluating the critical opinion about Sunitabai Deshpande's book : Aahe Manohar Tari. Her husband, Mangesh Rajadhyaksha, is much senior to her, and he is also a critic.
  • Richards Tara (b 1930, nee Tara Vanarase) : Poetess, story-writer; based in England.
  • Sant Indira (1914-2000) : A poetess from Belgaon; she was the recipient of Sahitya Akademi Award.
  • Sant Prakash Narayan : Short story writer
  • Sarpotdar Harshad : A contemporary writer. His works include humorous books like 'Papyache Pitar' and 'Hasati Danti'. 'Mantarlela Itihas' contains historical articles.
  • Shastri Shankar Balaji : He was a poet from Nagpur. He wrote some of the songs in Tatyarao Savarkar's plays. While 'shat-janma shodhataanaa' and 'sukataatachii jagii yaa' were written by Savarkar himself, 'marmabandhaatalii Theva hii' was written by Shahstri. Moreover, Shastri has also written 'Rati Rangi Range Dhyana'.
  • Shenolikar Hari Shridhar (1920-2003) : Novelist and critic. Prof of Marathi in Belgaon and Dhule.
  • Upadhye Jayakrishna Keshav (1883 - 1935?) : J K Upadhye was a poet from Nagpur. Upadhye Buwa wrote a longish biographical piece in verse on Lokmanya Tilak's life. He also wrote a parody of Bhagwad-geeta in rustic language. Some critics attacked it as lacking in reverence but others praised it as a welcome attempt to make thoughts in Geeta and the story about it accessible to the common man. Some of his songs were set to music and became quite famous. Examples : 'raamachandra manamohan, netra bharun paahil kaay', sung by Manik Verma. 'visarashiil khaas malaa', sung by Asha Bhosle.
  • Vaidya Shankar : Poet and critic. Husband of writer Sarojini Vaidya.
  • Vaidya Sarojini (1933-2007) : Writer. Wife of Shankar Vaidya.


add : Joshi Sudhakar Joshi: Author of Udyogashi Jadale Nate, Mahambare Gangdhar : Poet and author of 16-17 books on small scale industries

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