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P.H.U.Q. is an album by British Rock band The Wildhearts. It was released in May 1995 on East West Records and reached #6 in the UK Albums Chart.

Track listing

  1. "I Wanna Go Where the People Go"
  2. "V-Day"
    • Is all about the day that everything finally makes sense.
  3. "Just in Lust"
  4. "Baby Strange"
  5. "Nita Nitro"
    • Ginger uses the line "Locos Tambien". He spotted it in an early 90's comic book called 'Love and Rockets', which apparently is a Spanish phrase meaning "crazy also".
  6. "Jonesing for Jones"
    • Is about the similarities between coming off drugs and splitting up with a girlfriend.
  7. "Woah Shit, You Got Through"
  8. "Cold Patootie Tango"
    • A phrase when sex goes bad.
  9. "Caprice"
  10. "Be My Drug"
  11. "Naievety Play"
  12. "In Lilly's Garden"
  13. "Getting It"
    • Contains a hidden track, "Don't Worry 'bout Me" about 4:40 onwards, often recited by the crowds towards the end of gigs.

All songs written by Ginger.

Release info

  • UK Chart: No. 6


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