An Oxonian is a member (or former member) of the University of Oxford, England. The term is derived from Oxonia, the Latin form of Oxenford or Oxford. The term could theoretically also refer to an inhabitant of the city of Oxford, but is less used in this context.

The matching word for Cambridge and its University, often considered a rival with Oxford, is Cantabrigian.

Famous Oxonians (by date of matriculation) - see a considerably more extensive list under the List of University of Oxford people.

1231 Roger Bacon
1303 William of Ockham
1360 John Wycliffe
1382 Jerome of Prague
1480 Thomas Wolsey
1492 Sir Thomas More
1499 Desiderius Erasmus
1520 William Tyndale
1572 Sir Walter Raleigh
1584 John Donne
1589 Archbishop Laud
1608 Thomas Hobbes
1647 Sir Christopher Wren
1650 John Locke
1654 Robert Boyle
1660 William Penn
1675 Edmund Halley
1692 Jethro Tull
1720 Jonathan Swift
1720 John Wesley
1726 William Pitt
1728 Dr. Samuel Johnson
1744 Adam Smith
1805 Sir Robert Peel
1816 Cardinal Newman
1828 William Gladstone
1834 John Ruskin
1851 Charles Dodgson
1853 Edward Burne-Jones
1873 Cecil John Rhodes
1874 Oscar Wilde
1907 J. R. R. Tolkien
1911 Lawrence of Arabia
1914 T. S. Eliot
1916 William Walton
1925 W. H. Auden
1928 Dorothy Hodgkin
1928 Sir Isaiah Berlin
1938 Indira Gandhi
1943 Margaret Thatcher
1959 Stephen Hawking
1966 Aung San Suu Kyi
1968 Bill Clinton
1972 Tony Blair
1975 Rowan Atkinson

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