"Overrated" is the debut single and the first song taken from Siobhán Donaghy's debut album Revolution In Me and her first away from Sugababes. It was co-written by Donaghy, producer Cameron McVey and Paul Simms. The single reached #19 in the United Kingdom and remains Donaghy's biggest hit single and only top forty hit to date. The single also charted in Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

The title of the single, "Overrated", is a play on words on Sugababes' debut single, "Overload."


Reviews for the song were mostly positive. Ryan King wrote in UKmix.org: "It's slightly more downbeat than you might expect, but it grows on you, and the sound is fairly unique." "Overrated" is the first taster and shows that her wonderful deadpan vocal delivery is intact and as alluring as ever. Its accusatory lyrics (“The pain’s overrated/The chains so serrated/And the truth? Well I don’t know, do you?”) clearly address her messy departure from the Sugababes, said Tom Edwards on drownedinsound.com.

Track listing


  1. "Overrated"
  2. "Those Anythings"
  3. "Instances"CD2
  4. "Overrated"
  5. "Thus Far"
  6. "Overrated" (Video)Australian CD single
  7. "Overrated" (Radio Edit)
  8. "Those Anythings"
  9. "Instances"
  10. "Overrated" (Single Version)German CD single
  11. "Overrated" (Radio Edit)
  12. "Thus Far"
  13. "Those Anythings"
  14. "Instances"
  15. "Overrated" (Single Version)


Chart (2003) Peak
Australian Hitseekers Chart 15
European Singles Chart 86
Ireland Singles Chart 33
Netherlands Singles Chart 75
UK Singles Chart 19
World Singles Chart 97
World Airplay Chart 94


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