[v. oh-ver-lohd; n. oh-ver-lohd]
Overload may refer to:

Technology terms

  • Computer science terms
    • Function overloading, a software engineering process whereby multiple functions of different types are defined with the same name
    • Operator overloading, a software engineering process whereby operators such as + or - are treated as polymorphic functions having different behaviours depending on the types of arguments used
    • Method overloading a type of polymorphism where different functions with the same name are invoked based on the data types of the parameters passed
    • Type polymorphism or overloading, in computer science, allowing a single definition to be used with different classes of objects
  • Overcurrent, a situation where an electrical machine or system is subjected to a greater load than it was designed for
  • Information overload, the psychology term for the state of having too much information to make a decision or remain informed about a topic
  • Mechanical overload, when a component is stressed to failure in one event
  • Overloaded expression is an ambiguous operator expression can only be understood based on the context

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