Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God

The Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God (A.O.H.) is an African-American Apostolic church founded in 1916 as the Ethiopian Overcoming Holy Church of God by Bishop W.T. Phillips in Mobile, Alabama. The name was changed in 1927.

The A.O.H. church has expanded since its foundation and now has churches all over the world as well as a foreign ministry. The headquarters of the church are in Mobile, Alabama. Worship services are spontaneous and emotional and include foot washing, divine healing, ecstatic dancing, and speaking in tongues.

Bishop George W. Ayers is currently the International Presiding Prelate. He is the current pastor of the Phillips Temple A.O.H. Church of God in Mobile, Alabama (regarded as the mother church) and the New Jerusalem A.O.H. Church of God, Birmingham, Alabama. He is also the founder of the Faith Tabernacle A.O.H. Church of God in Richmond, Ca and the Western Diocese of the A.O.H. Church of God, Inc.

Current Bishops & Executive Heads

Bishop George W. Ayers - International Presiding Prelate - Mobile, AL Bishop John H. Matthews, Jr. - 1st Assistant - Dayton, OH Bishop Horace M. Johnson, Jr. 2nd Assistant - Hyatsville, MD Bishop Phillip L. Wright - Chicago, IL Bishop Lawrence Williams - Seattle, WA Bishop Jerry Ford - Huntsville, AL Bishop Jonathan Tate - Gulfport, MS Bishop Gregory S.Cannon - Montgomery, AL Bishop Quillas Mithcell - Atmore, AL Bishop Larnie B. White, Sr. - Birmingham, AL Bishop Richard L. Curtis - Mobile, AL Bishop William T. Parker - Birmingham, AL Bishop Grover Williams - Everett, WA

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