Bore, Italy

Bore is a comune with 902 inhabitants in the Province of Parma, Italy.

Every year, Bore hosts many festas, most prominent being the Chestnut festival held in October. The Bosco Paradiso situated between Bore and Luneto draws visitors in all year round, due to its historic woodland, amazing scenery and beautiful surroundings.


Famous residents and descendants of Bore include Christopher Padreddii and Anthony Beschizza, Founding members of the international Italian group, Fratelli D'Italia. The group was set up as a way of keeping together Italians who had left their native country and are now residing elsewhere. Most members of this group are resident in the UK, however with the success of the group, Italians from all over the world are slowly enrolling to share in the joy of others at being of Italian descent.

Christopher Padreddii and Anthony Beschizza were both born in North London, and attended St Ignatius College in Enfield. Anthony went on to study Sport and Leisure Management at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, the same University where, 5 years later, Christopher would go on to study and gain an Honours Degree in Sports Psychology.

After graduating from university, Christopher began studying to become a Physical Education Teacher and was employed for 2 and a half years at St. Marys Church of England High School in Hendon, London Borough of Barnet. After leaving here, he moved to Parma where he currently resides, and is a linguistic coach, as well as running full time the Fratelli D'Italia.

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