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Over's Castle villains

This is a list of villains in the anime/manga, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, that reside in Over's Castle.


As one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Maruhage Empire, the demonic being known only as OVER leads the most ruthless, brutal and obedient section of the empire's forces. OVER himself is a force to be reckoned with: a powerful being evil in the eye who crushes opponents either with his massive pair of scissors or through his trial combat with anyone who gets in his way. Those who encounter OVER have one of two fates befall them: they become scalped out of OVER's loyalty to Baldy-Bald the Fourth...or they die. The most horrific means of death revolves around his usage of a special "Kill Seal" that saps away the power of anyone touched by it until they become nothing but a husk of their former self. Perhaps even scarier than OVER, though, is another form he takes which is much more powerful and demonic than even the scissor-wielding warrior.

Working underneath the rule of OVER is a unique group of assassins, specializing in various means of assassination skills and team tactics. Based out of their leader's samurai castle headquarters, the assassins use various cutthroat tactics such as manipulation, deception and ninjutsu to turn the battle towards their favor. While there are several independents working for OVER, his main squad of these warriors are The Ultimate Five Assassins, a team of unique ninja warriors who each fight in their own means, particularly to guard his castle from any intruders who may disturb him from his work.



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OVER (オーバー Ōbā) is the ruthless third member of "Four Heavenly Kings"/Chrome Dome Empire Big 4, the four elite members of Tsuru Tsurulina the Fourth (Czar Baldy Bald the Fourth)'s Hair Hunting corp. (whom also includes Gunkan/Captain Battleship, Puruppu/Kitty Poo and Halekulani) Unlike many Hair Hunters outside those seen much earlier in the series, OVER takes his job of ripping the hair out of the subjects of the Maruhage Empire extremely seriously and will treat all in his gaze as prey. This harshness for his job includes the treatment of his own teammates, as seen by his scalping of both Gunkan and Kitty Poo after their failures against Bo-bobo and the Hajike rebels. Although OVER can and will attack with little or no notice, he mostly controls his hair hunting activities from an ancient Japanese castle, where he controls a platoon of various ninja-like warriors including The Five Hidden Killers (dub: The Ultimate Five Assassins), who themselves are known for their stealth and abilities.

OVER's main attack style is the usage of an immense pair of scissors in conjunction with his main fist attack style of Gokuaku Zanketsu Shinken. (極悪斬血真拳 Fist of Horrible Bloody Murder, dub: Fist of the Ultimately Evil Sword). The main attack ability of this style is slashing an opponent with the scissors like a sword to cause as much pain and damage as possible. (in the anime, this was changed to the summoning of a purple energy ball on the scissors which he aims to hit his opponent) Similarly, he can also summon more scissors when he drops one pair, usually to throw at an opponent like a projectile.

As brutal as his main techniques are, OVER does not just attack with his battle ability, but also with the ability to kill an opponent from the inside out. If he (or his alter ego) attacks an opponent in a certain way, a special "Kill Seal" (dub: Death Mark) is placed on them, similar in formation to OVER's own symbol. Anyone with this mark on their body will slowly have their power drained by it, weakening them to the point of their own death. The power of the Kill Seal is so powerful that the only way to stop it is to defeat OVER, removing it from all afflicted. It is revealed that OVER is 25 yrs old, which for some reason is three years younger than Torpedo Girl.

The Ultimate Five Assassins

The Five Hidden Killers (必殺五忍衆 Hissatsu Go-Ninshū) / The Ultimate Five Assassins: Like Captain Battleship, OVER has a team of five warriors working for him and protecting his castle headquarters. But while Captain Battleship's team was a team of weirdoes hidden away in masks and cloaks, OVER' a team of weirdoes using various assassin and ninja maneuvers to fight their opponents. Among the members are:


(ルビー): The first of OVER's Ninshū, she is a very cute little girl who appears to want everyone to play with her in her room instead of killing them. But while she innocent and friendly, she actually has the ability to brainwash her opponents into playing all day, making them oblivious to the moment she finally assassinates them! Though Don Patch easily ignores this tactic and has no mercy in taking her out, Jelly Jiggler in particular doesn't want to fight little girls and eventually takes pity on her plight. She is sacrificed by the Reverse Maruhage Empire during the new emperor playoffs. (on the sidenote,the first person to find her out was Beauty)

Infinite Shoot

Infinite Kicker (無限蹴人 Mugen Shūto): Guardian of the 2nd Floor "jungle stage" of OVER's castle, this Ninshū boy appears like a soccer player and ends up challenging Gasser on his level. He has the ability to transform his jungle settings into a chamber of molten lava (even though it takes him 10 minutes to do so) and attacks his opponent with a kusarigama. But while he does carry a soccer ball with him, it is in reality a bento lunchbox! When he fights Gasser, he accidentally removes his neck belt, and gets crushed by the power of the shonen's "baby form". He also says that he is a master at ping-pong, and tries to sue gasser twice with BoBoBo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler. He makes a cameo during the new emperor playoffs, but does not get a noticeable role like the Civilizations or Ruby.

  • Attacks:
    • Eyes of Fire: Infinite Shoot's eyes summons a huge amount of fire that destroys anything in its wake.
  • Episode appearances: 30-31, 70
  • Manga appearance: 196.5, Shisetsu 73
  • Seiyuu: Miki Fukui
  • Voice Actor: Richard Cansino

The Three Civilizations

The Three Cultures: The final three of the assassin Ninshū fight together as a strange ninja team (possibly as a parody to fellow Jump manga Naruto) who, coincidentally, are named after three of the first four great ancient civilizations of the world (but not Egypt, oddly enough). In the fight with this trio of assassins, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Jelly Jiggler must work together (both figuratively and literally) to win. Bo-bobo faces the trio again in a ramen-eating contest during the "New Emperor Playoff".

Mesopotamion Guy

Mesopotamia Civilization (メソポタミア文明 Mesopotamia Bunmei) - A tentacled-horned nose creature, is the trap-master of the castle, controlling an entire room of nearly inescapable traps as well as consistently trying (and failing) to set them off during the battle with Bo-bobo's team. He also appears to try and use a "cloning jutsu". that is sort of obvious to its opponents (since the "clones" are just hot dogs cut into the shape of octopi). Also he is actually a human in a costume, who also (strangely enough) is Indus Guy's brother.

Indus Guy

Indus Civilization (インダス文明 Indasu Bunmei) - A firecracker dressed in ancient Japanese garb, is the quiet one (compared to his partners) who fights with a sword like a samurai and can open up his body to reveal something unexpected to assist him.

Yellow River Guy

Kouga Civilization (黄河文明 Kōga Bunmei) - is the human leader of the trio. This one fights with a sword as well, but has various ninjitsu abilities such as a freezing ability and... curling? (it should be noted that the symbol on his outfit bears a close resemblance to the Tidus/Jecht symbol featured throughout the game Final Fantasy X.) During the battle with Bobopatchiggler, Yellow River guy removes HER top, showing a pink dress, after which she is married by Indus Guy.

  • Attacks:
    • Mouth Kick: Mesopotamian Guy jumps forward with....The Yellow River in his mouth, causing him to kick the enemy.
    • Freezing Sweat: Yellow River begins to sweat, causing anything that comes in contact with it to freeze (including himself). This move is followed by the Curling Attack
    • Curling Attack: After a landscape is frozen by the Frezzing Sweat attack, Yellow River summons a bomb that Indus Guy and Mesopotamion Guy use mops to play Curling with attempting to get the bomb in enemy territory.
    • Super Paw of the Pooch blocking a Karate Chop: Indus Guy's head opens like a lid, thus summoning a dog to block a Karate Chop.
    • Mini Mesopotamians: Mesopotamion Guy summons many small red armless versions of himself.
  • Episode appearances: 30-32, 70-71
  • Manga appearance: 196.5
  • Seiyuu: Yasuhiro Takato (Mesopotamian Civilization), Masaya Takatsuka (Indus Civilization), Hiroshi Okamoto (Kouga Civilization)
  • Voice Actors: Dan Woren (Mesopotamian Guy), Jeff Nimoy (Indus Guy), Ezra Weisz (Yellow River Guy)


Puckered Lips

Ochoboguchi-kun (おちょぼ口君 Ochoboguchi-kun): A ninja with a mouth for a face, he reveals himself in Wiggin Block after Rice's defeat to fight him and extend an invitation to take on his master OVER. He claims that "The walls have ears, and the ceilings have lips!" because he is first seen hanging from the ceiling. Besides his ninja abilities, he also possesses an ability to vacuum anyone inside of his mouth to send them to the location of his choice.

  • Attacks:
    • Ninja Skill: Art of Hiding: Unlike the Wiggin' Trio's Art of Hiding inwich they hide themselves, Puckered Lips' version involves him becoming invisible but was located due to.... being heard
    • Ninja Barrier: Using his energy, Puckered Lips creates a Barrier.
    • Ninja Skill: Art of Mouth Vacuum: Puckered Lip ingulfes the enemy to transport them to OVER's Castle.
  • Episode appearances: 30
  • Manga appearance:: 196.5
  • Seiyuu: Ken Narita
  • Voice Actor: Anthony Pulcini


(ガンプ Ganpu): The bodyguard/janitor of OVER's castle. He possesses wings on his back, but they are just for show. His flying ability truly comes from the antennae on his head. He is rather easily defeated from a collaborative effort of the whole Bo-bobo team (and a little Kinnikuman battle tactics). Taking advantage of his name, the dub makes him sound like Forrest Gump.

Interesting note

Service-man makes a few brief cameos during the arc: 1.He is on top of Over's castle and falls off. 2.He tries to Service OVER but is quickly gotten rid of. 3.He appears Servicing Don Patch, Jelly Jiggler, and Torpedo Girl with Bobobo lifting the sheet.

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