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Starting Over Again

"Starting Over Again" was a 1980 U.S. pop and country hit single for Dolly Parton. Telling the story of a middle aged couple separating after thirty-five years of marriage, the song was written by disco musician Donna Summer and her husband Bruce Sudano. (The story was actually based on Sudano's parents' divorce.) Parton's recording was performed as a slow tempo ballad, gradually building to a dramatic crescendo. Released as the first single from Parton's 1980 album Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, "Starting Over Again" made the U.S. pop top forty, peaking at #36, and reached #1 on the U.S. country charts on May 24 1980.

The song was sometimes confused with John Lennon's similarly titled "(Just Like) Starting Over", which was released around the same time.

Reba McEntire version

Reba McEntire also covered the song in 1995 for her Starting Over album. Released as the album's third single, McEntire's version peaked at #19 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

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