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Carlos Sandoval

Carlos Sandoval (b. 1956, Mexico City) is a freelance composer, sound artist and music performer. Carlos Sandoval works in sound-design and sound installations, improvisation processes and live-electronics, music-theater, written music and the mix of all of them. He also creates music with living-trees, connected world-wide via internet using accelerometers.


Sandoval spent his childhood in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Mexico City. In 1966 he moved to Cuernavaca City. He began his musical studies at the age of 17 and studied musical composition and theory at the National School of Music in Mexico (1975-79).

He founded “Huachichilas”, in Cuernavaca, and toured throughout Mexico and the United States performing traditional Latin American music. He studied piano tuning and construction at the Bösendorfer Klavier Fabrik (Vienna, 1980-1982). Back in Mexico, he studied analysis and composition with Julio Estrada (Mexico City, 1985-1990). He was assistant of Conlon Nancarrow in Mexico City, 1990-94 A year later he finished his custom-made MIDI-controlled acoustic piano, which was developed in collaboration with Trimpin (Cuernavaca, 1995). In order to input information into this piano, he worked in the Netherlands on a pair of gloves with pressure sensors (STEIM Holland, 1996-1999-2005). The MIDI piano is now defunct, but Sandoval still uses these gloves for live-electronics performances. He moved to Germany in 2003.


In 2005 he founded the Tilt Group in Berlin. In 2007 he founded the Interaktion Festival. Since 1993 he has conducted seminars and workshops on composition in several institutions.


Carlos Sandoval is interested in the theatrical aspects regarding music performance due an over-accentuation of body-musical expression; in the use of the music instruments as objects, not as cultural-historical symbols; in the use of the instruments as an extension of the musicians, as if the instruments were living organisms, or the musicians instruments, objects; in the creation of music using non-human grammatic and syntax due the transduction into music of real physical-evolutions in nature using sensor data-streams; in dialectics of symbols (after Canneti) and the creation of underlying music instruments through objects.

Recent and actual Projects

The tilt, a multidisciplinary group founded in Berlin. Interaktion Festival for music, tehnology and nature. The TU-TILT Biosphere Lab. Gloves with sensors performances and object manipulation.

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