McCain Foods Limited

McCain Foods Limited, a privately owned company established in 1957 by the brothers Harrison and Wallace McCain in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada, is the largest producer of french fries and other oven-ready frozen food products in the world.

McCain foods has 20,000 employees and 55 production facilities in 12 countries spanning six continents. It processes 1 million pounds of potato products each hour and sells one-third of the world's frozen french fries products, in over 110 countries.

Based on 2003 sales, it was the second largest private company in Canada, according to Forbes.


  • On May 24, 1956 McCain Foods Limited is incorporated.
  • On February 23, 1957 the first McCain French fry plant officially opens in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • In 1965 McCain products entered the British market.
  • In 1968 McCain establishes a sales organization in Australia and McCain International Ltd. is established in the United Kingdom.
  • In 1969 McCain Foods officially opens its first British French fry facility in Seamer near Scarborough, United Kingdom.
  • In 1969 McCain enters the American market.
  • In 1971 McCain acquires and expands a French fry plant in Daylesford, Australia. Also McCain begins production at their new Grand Falls, Canada location.
  • In 1972 production capacity doubles at McCain’s Scarborough, United Kingdom. Also McCain buys a French fry plant in Werkendam, Netherlands.
  • In 1973 McCain buys a French fry plant in Lewedorp, Netherlands.

  • In 1975 production begins at McCain’s new Ballarat, Australia plant. McCain also purchases a French fry plant in Washburn, USA.
  • In 1976 McCain officially opens its French fry plant in Whittlesey, United Kingdom. McCain acquires a French fry plant in Easton, USA. McCain starts pizza production at Grand Falls, New Brunswick and Daylesford, Australia.
  • In 1978 McCain acquires a French fry plant in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. McCain completed major expansion of their prepared foods plant in Florenceville, Canada.
  • In 1979 McCain opens new pizza facility in Scarborough, United Kingdom and Ballarat, Australia. McCain completes a new French fry plant in Portage la Prairie, Canada.
  • In 1980 McCain acquires a Sunny Orange Ltd. Juice plant in Toronto, Canada.
  • In 1981 McCain opens a French fry plant in Harnes, France.
  • In 1982 McCain buys a French fry plant in Grantham, United Kingdom.
  • In 1983 McCain opens a juice processing plant in Grand Falls, Canada.
  • In 1984 McCain purchases a vegetable processing plant in Smithton, Australia, a Britfish Ltd. fish processing plant in Hull, United Kingdom, and a Tater Meal Inc. potato-based animal foods plant in Presque Isle, Maine, USA.
  • In 1986 McCain builds a $13M potato processing plant in Smithton, Australia. McCain purchases a major frozen food company in Ostend and Grobbendonk, Belgium.
  • In 1987 McCain officially opens a juice plant in Calgary, Canada and a French fry manufacturing plant in Bethune, France.
  • In 1988 McCain acquires potato processing plants in Othello and Clark, USA. McCain announces a $33M project to double production at the potato processing plant in Harnes, France. McCain also purchases assets Ellio’s Pizza in the US
  • In 1988 McCain acquires the American Ellio's Pizza brand as well as their manufacturing plant in Lodi, NJ.
  • In 1989 McCain announces a $35M expansion for the potato processing plant in Othello, Washington, USA.
  • In 1990 McCain acquires New Zealand Alpine Foods Ltd., a vegetable processor, in Timaru, New Zealand. A fire damages facilities in Florenceville, Canada and a $25M reconstruction plan immediately initiates. McCain begins construction of a $2.4M Group Data Centre in Florenceville, Canada.
  • In 1991 McCain officially opens a potato processing plant in Borden-Carleton, PEI, Canada. McCain acquires the assets of Polder Food Products in Lelystad, Netherlands.
  • In 1992 McCain acquires Safries Pty. Ltd. in Penola, Australia.
  • In 1996 McCain opens a French fry plant in Balcarce, Argentina, the first fully automated French fry facility in South America. Everest Foods PLC of Wombourne, England and Growers Food Limited of Hastings, New Zealand is acquired by McCain.
  • In 1997 McCain purchases Ore-Ida Foods for $500M in the US, which includes five production facilities.
  • In 1998 McCain announces the construction of a $78.6M French fry plant in Wrocław, Poland. McCain officially opens a $41M expansion of its Lelystad, Netherlands French fry facility. McCain announces the construction of a $93.9M potato processing plant in Alberta, Canada.
  • In 1999 McCain purchases the assets of Fraîcheur d’Europe of Vic-sur-Aisne, France. McCain announces it will double the production at Balcarce, Argentina in a $68.4M expansion.
  • In 2000 McCain doubles production at its Easton, USA facility in a $70.8M expansion. McCain purchases a modern French fry plant and two frozen vegetable plants in South Africa. McCain purchases Aloro Foods Inc., a frozen pizza manufacturer, of Mississauga, Canada. McCain officially opens its new state-of-the-art French fry plant in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. McCain announces the construction of a $7.2M Potato Processing Technology Centre in Florenceville, Canada. McCain sells its citrus division to Pasco Beverage Group, Inc. of Tampa, Florida.
  • In 2001 McCain acquires Heinz Frozen Foods (SA) (Pty.) Ltd. of Viljoenskroon, South Africa, Anchor Food Products in the U.S., and the Feilding, New Zealand site and related frozen food service business from Heinz Wattie’s Australasia for $33M.
  • In 2002 McCain acquires Goodman Fielder International (Taiwan) Limited, an ethnic Chinese frozen food company and Wong Wing Foods of Montreal, Canada, the largest Canadian manufacturer of Chinese entrées, egg rolls, and dim sum.
  • In 2003 McCain acquires Belleisle Foods Limited of New Brunswick, Canada, a manufacturer of egg rolls and other Chinese frozen foods.
  • In 2004 McCain upgrades its Grand Falls, Canada pizza plant in a $29M expansion. McCain begins construction of a $43M French fry facility in Harbin, China. McCain acquires Midwest Food Products Inc. of Manitoba, Canada.
  • In 2007 McCain sells its Canadian aseptic juice division to Lassonde Inc.
  • In 2008 McCain announced a £5 million pound sponsorship deal with UK Athletics

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