Blood Wake

Blood Wake is a naval combat video game that was released in 2001 on the Xbox as part of Microsoft's initial wave of Xbox launch titles. The game was developed by Stormfront Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Set in an Asian-themed fictional world, Blood Wake is a mission-based high seas action game in which the player controls a series of small fighting vessels. Some reviewers described its gameplay as "Twisted Metal on water," although its mission-based story line differentiated Blood Wake from Twisted Metal's arena-based gameplay.


You play a character, out to get revenge from your brother's betrayal.

The game features many water craft and many still weapon types, some unique to a certain type of boat. Complete with power-ups and multiplayer. The game also features numerous unlockable features and hidden game modes, including "Blood Ball", which is essentially multiplayer soccer-on-water using a very large ball.

The game was not literally an Xbox launch title, since its debut was part of a second wave of game releases thirty days after the first launch. Microsoft backed Blood Wake with a television advertising campaign on release, and it reached the #4 position on the NPD sales charts in early 2002, and later that year was the #1 game on the NPD Xbox game rental rankings.

When the player's boat is destroyed captions such as "You're crab bait!", "Now sleep with the fishes", and "you're sharkfood!" will appear on screen.


There are many different vehicles at the player's disposal in Blood Wake. The Story Mode starts the player off with only one kind of boat, and slowly modifies it throughout the first chapter of gameplay. As the story progresses, the the player begins to collect more boats of different shapes, shizes, and weapon loadouts. The following are the models of unlockable vehicles to be used by the player:

-Speedboat: small, fast boat with an average amount of weaponry. This is the boat given to the player in the first chapter of Story Mode. It usually consist of 4 Chain Guns or Auto-Cannons and a Rocket launcher. However, the boat is completely stripped of all armaments for one special mission involving a time trial-style race.

-Catamaran: One of the fastest boats available for play due to twin motors on the hull, though not as fast as the speedboat due to heavier armor. Standard weaponry for this vehicle includes 2 Chain Guns or Auto Cannons, one or two Rocket Launchers and/or Torpedo launcher, Fixed Cannons and a Wave Gun. These weapons differ in combination depending on the model of Catamaran.

-Gunboat: Big, tough, yet still quite fast on the water. It's larger hull enables the Gunboat to carry more powerful firearms besides the standard Chain Guns and Fixed Cannons, including Rocket, Torpedo, and Mine lauchers along with the electricity-firing Stinger.

-Devil Boat: This is the biggest boat in the game, at 75 feet long, and by the time the player unlocks it, he/she should have unlocked aver weapon in the game as well. Many standard armaments apply, along with even more on the secondary weapons.

-Hydroplane: The ultra-speedy hydrioplane is the fastes and most maneuverable vehicle in the game. It is able to carry just as much firepower as the Gunboat or Catamaran, yet can outspeed the Speedboat at any time.

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