OUTGROW is BoA's 4th original Japanese album. The album features the singles DO THE MOTION, make a secret, 抱きしめる (Dakishimeru), and Everlasting. The album also features the track "First snow" from BoA's special digital single, Merry Christmas from BoA. Several of the album's songs have either been written or composed by BoA herself.

The album comes in two editions, a limited CD+DVD edition, and a regular (unlimited) CD edition. Both editions come with different covers (as shown on the table on the right), and the CD features 13 tracks, including a bonus track of "First snow" alongside 5 new songs. The limited edition CD+DVD version includes a DVD with 5 video clips (4 of which are of all of the music videos from the featured singles and an additional special "behind the scenes" clip).

Track listing

CD only

  1. Silent Screamerz
  3. キミのとなりで (Kimi no tonari de) [By Your Side]
  4. OUTGROW ~Ready butterfly~'''
  5. make a secret
  6. Everlasting
  8. cosmic eyes
  9. 抱きしめる (Dakishimeru) [Holding You]
  10. Love is just what you can't see
  11. Stay My Gold
  12. soundscape
  13. With U
  14. First snow (Bonus Track)


  1. DO THE MOTION video clip
  2. make a secret video clip
  3. 抱きしめる video clip
  4. Everlasting video clip
  5. Making of Music Videos + Bonus Video Clip

Charts and sales

Oricon sales charts (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total
February 15,2006 Oricon Daily Chart #1
February 15,2006 Oricon Weekly Chart #1 220,000 428,000
February 15,2006 Oricon Monthly Chart #3
February 15,2006 Oricon Yearly Chart #31


Date Title Peak Position Sales
30 March, 2005 Do the Motion #1 169,542
31 August, 2005 make a secret #5 54,453
23 November, 2005 Dakishimeru #9 58,436
18 January, 2006 Everlasting #4 74,744



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