Gill Action Fund

The Gill Action Fund (GAF) is an American 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organization founded in 2005 by philanthropist and entrepreneur Tim Gill to coordinate activities with gay rights and other allied organizations and to embark in activities that the American tax code prohibits the nonprofit Gill Foundation from performing. The GAF has a number of gay politicos in its employ including Patrick Guerriero, Robin Brand and Bill Smith. Guerriero was the former executive director for the Log Cabin Republicans.

The GAF's Political OutGiving program works to engage and cultivate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, (LGBT) and allied philanthropists to help secure large and long-term financial support to build a robust network of organizations working to advance full civil rights for LGBT people.

In August 2008, Rick Santorum solicited financial support for the National Organization for Marriage and singled out the GAF as a political action fund that has figured prominently in American same-sex marriage initiatives.

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