otho of lagery

List of French popes

Sixteen pope''s have had French ancestry, all in the second half of the medieval era. The seven popes of the Avignon papacy were French (numbers 10-16 below in bold). French is the most common non-Italian papal ancestry.

  1. Pope Silvester II, 999-1003: Gerbert of Aurillac.
  2. Pope Stephen IX, 1057-1058: Frederick of Lorraine.
  3. Pope Nicholas II, 1058-1061: Gerard of Burgundy.
  4. Bl. Pope Urban II, 1088-1099: Otho of Lagery (or Otto or Odo).
  5. Pope Callistus II, 1119-1124: Guido of Vienne.
  6. Pope Urban IV, 1261-1264: Jacques Pantaléon.
  7. Pope Clement IV, 1265-1268: Guy Foulques.
  8. Bl. Pope Innocent V, 1276: Pierre de Tarentaise.
  9. Pope Martin IV, 1281-1285: Simon de Brie.
  10. Pope Clement V, 1305-1314: Bertrand de Got.
  11. Pope John XXII, 1316-1334: Jacques d'Euse.
  12. Pope Benedict XII, 1334-1342: Jacques Fournier.
  13. Pope Clement VI, 1342-1352: Pierre Roger.
  14. Pope Innocent VI, 1352-1362: Stephen Aubert.
  15. Bl. Pope Urban V, 1362-1370: Guillaume de Grimoard.
  16. Pope Gregory XI, 1370-1378: Pierre Roger de Beaufort.

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