orthodontic treatment

Accelerated orthodontic treatment

The term "accelerated orthodontic treatment" is a controversial subject. Typical orthodontic treatment takes 18-36 months. The treatment time depends on the distances the teeth need to be moved, treatment goals, the type of techniques employed and the cooperation of the patient.

Self-ligating brackets are a type of bracket that is reputed to shorten treatment time, but due to their added cost they are only slowly gaining in popularity. While some dentists choose to undertake orthodontic treatment on a non-extraction basis occasionally incorporating tooth size reduction, this method is not always appropriate as dental extractions are occasionally unavoidable if crowding is to be alleviated.

While dentists may treat some orthodontic conditions in very short time periods for example "braces in 6 months", this approach may not address all the features which could be treated in an extended orthodontic treatment program. The ideal use of "accelerated orthodontics" is to offer a patient a viable alternative to porcelain veneers when they want straight teeth but do not want to invest years in traditional orthodontics.

Many orthodontics disapprove of non-traditional styles of orthodontic care, but general dentists are licensed to offer orthodontics and often refer the more complex cases to the orthodontic specialists. "High Speed Braces" is a term trademarked to represent this style of rapid orthodontics as is "Six Month Braces".

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