opening the door

Memory Hold-the-Door

Memory Hold-the-Door is the 1940 autobiography of John Buchan. It was published in the United States under the title Pilgrim's Way.

The autobiography was said to be John F. Kennedy's favourite book, although a list given to Life magazine in 1961 quoted Montrose at the head of the list.

Published in the U.S. as "Pilgrim's Way" this posthumously-published personal memoir recounts his life of public service and literary work from his early days in the Scottish Highlands through his years at Oxford, service in both Britain's Boer campaign and World War I (the latter, as Britain's Director of Intelligence and Information for the War Cabinet) before covering his years in Parliament, and appointment as Governor General of Canada.

This collection of Buchan's memoirs was one of John F. Kennedy's favorite books, with passages often quoted to friends and associates whom Kennedy regarded as equally appreciated of fine prose. Of particular interest are Buchan's personal profiles of such contemporaries as Lord Grey, Lord Oxford, Raymond Asquith, Lord Haldane, Earl Balfour, Lord French, Sir Henry Wilson, Lord Haig, Lord Byng of Vimy, T.E. Lawrence, and King George V.

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