Fresh as a Daisy - The Singles

Fresh as a Daisy - The Singles is a compilation album by Mancunian rock band James issued on Mercury on April 30 2007.

The album was released in two editions; a single CD containing most of the singles the group recorded for Mercury (Runaground, Jam J and We're Going to Miss You are omitted) and a 2 disc edition listed on the cover sticker as "The Complete Singles Collection 1983 - 2007". This version collects the group's two releases for Factory, their 4 singles for Sire and debut album track Johnny Yen in addition to their Mercury work. However, it is not actually complete as it omits the original 1989 version of "Sit Down" recorded for Rough Trade, the 1998 remix of the same song by Apollo Four Forty and features album versions of Seven and We're Going to Miss You rather than the alternate versions used on the single releases. Both versions feature two new songs, Who Are You and Chameleon. The album charted at number 12 in its week of release.

Track listing (2xCD release)

Disc 1

  1. "What's the World"
  2. "Folklore"
  3. "Fire So Close"
  4. "If Things Were Perfect"
  5. "Hymn from a Village"
  6. "Chainmail"
  7. "So Many Ways"
  8. "Johnny Yen"
  9. "What For"
  10. "Ya Ho"
  11. "Sit Down"
  12. "Come Home"
  13. "How Was It for You?"
  14. "Lose Control"
  15. "Sound"
  16. "Born of Frustration"

Disc 2

  1. "Ring the Bells"
  2. "Seven"
  3. "Sometimes"
  4. "Laid"
  5. "Jam J"
  6. "Say Something"
  7. "She's a Star"
  8. "Tomorrow"
  9. "Waltzing Along"
  10. "Destiny Calling"
  11. "Runaground"
  12. "I Know What I'm Here For"
  13. "Just Like Fred Astaire"
  14. "We're Going to Miss You"
  15. "Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)"
  16. "Who Are You"
  17. "Chameleon"

Track listing (Single CD release)

  1. "Ring the Bells"
  2. "Sometimes"
  3. "How Was It for You?"
  4. "Come Home"
  5. "Destiny Calling"
  6. "Laid"
  7. "Born of Frustration"
  8. "Chameleon"
  9. "I Know What I'm Here For"
  10. "Seven"
  11. "Just Like Fred Astaire"
  12. "Waltzing Along"
  13. "Say Something"
  14. "Who Are You"
  15. "Lose Control"
  16. "Sound"
  17. "Getting Away with It (All Messed Up)"
  18. "Tomorrow"
  19. "She's a Star"
  20. "Sit Down"

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