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'' In Wikipedia, colons (:) are used to tab.

Tab or tabs may refer to:

  • Tabulation: computing evolved from a mechanical basis using cards gradually between the 1940s and 1990s to a completely electronic basis. The card based systems and components such as sorters and card readers and punches were called "Tab".
  • The tab key, on a computer keyboard, automates indenting text to a preset position. The tab key is commonly used for indentation in word processors and other software.
  • Tab (archery), the small piece of protective covering to protect the fingers when practicing
  • Tab (debating), the table of the results of a debating competition
  • Tab (soft drink), a beverage produced by the Coca-Cola company
  • Tab (album), by Monster Magnet
  • Tabs (stage), in theatre, the term for the curtain at the front of the stage
  • Tablature, a form of musical notation used particularly for guitars and other fretted instruments
  • Tâb, a board game played in Egypt and elsewhere
  • Chicago tab, in organizing, a protruding piece of a planar surface that provides an index mark.
  • Tab Ramos, an American soccer player
  • Tab Hunter, an American actor and musician
  • TABS, Thermal Activated Building System.

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