Ōmiya Station (Saitama)

is a railway station located in Ōmiya-ku, Saitama, Japan. It is the busiest station in Saitama Prefecture and one of the hub stations in the Greater Tokyo Area for the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) as well as one of the main gateways from Greater Tokyo to the Tōhoku and Hokuriku regions along with Niigata and northern Nagano Prefectures.

The following railways connect through the station:

Local and late night buses and intercity motorcoaches including ones to Narita and Haneda airports also depart from this station. Train trips involving Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsuchō or Tennōzu Isle, and Keikyū from Shinagawa are the alternatives to Haneda.


On 16 March 1885 it was opened as a station of Nippon Tetsudō (日本鉄道 lit. Japan Railway) company.

In 1894, a railway workshop was opened to the north of the station, and this facility is still operated by JR East and Japan Freight Railway Company.

Station layout

JR East platforms

No. 1 - 11

These are five ground-level island platforms.

No. 13 - 18

These are three 3F island platforms.

No. 19 - 22

These are two underground island platforms.

Tōbu platforms

These platforms are bay platforms.

New Shuttle platform

New Shuttle has one platform on the middle of a balloon loop.

Adjacent stations

|- !colspan=5|
JR East

|- !colspan=5|Tōbu Railway

|- !colspan=5|Saitama New Urban Transit


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