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Charlie Landsborough

Charlie Landsborough, (born Charles Alexander Landsborough, October 26, 1941, in Wrexham, Wales) is a British country and folk musician and songwriter. He started singing professionally in the 1970s, and is now one of the UK's top country acts. He is also popular in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


Born on October 261941 in Wrexham, Charlie was the youngest of 11. Soon after he was born his mother (Aggie) moved the family back to Merseyside after the WWII bombing raids. He was reared by the docklands of Birkenhead near the dumps, railway lines, coal wharf and oil factories.

He left school early and worked intermittently as an apprentice telephone engineer, on the railways, and in the flour mills before joining the army. He left after four years, in the early 1960s, and joined a group, The Chicago Sect, in Dortmund, Germany. Returning to England, he married, played in local bands, and worked in a variety of jobs before becoming a teacher.

While working as a teacher, he wrote songs and continued to perform on a semi-professional basis, with limited success. However, in 1994 his song "What Colour is the Wind", which tells the story of a young blind child’s attempts to envision the world, began to be played in Ireland, eventually reaching #1 in the Irish charts after a TV appearance on RTE's Kenny Live Show.

Following the album's success in Ireland, Charlie appeared on several TV shows in the UK. Since then, he has released a further ten albums and has now sold in excess of 700,000 units. This has given him a further two number ones in the Irish pop charts, and most of his albums have topped the British country charts.

One of his most successful albums, Still Can't Say Goodbye was recorded in Nashville in 1999 and resulted in Charlie winning the BMCA Best Male Vocalist (2000) for the third year in succession, and the Southern Country Award for best album. He has performed at most major concert halls and theatres in the UK, including the London Palladium, and toured Australia and New Zealand in 2001.



  • Under Blue Skies (2008) #73 (UK)
  • The Storyteller
  • Heart and Soul
  • My Heart Would Know
  • The Lighter Side (Comedy Album)
  • Reflections
  • Smile
  • Movin' On
  • Once in a While


Year Song Album
2001 "Half the Ghost of a Chance" "Heart and Soul"
2001 "Saviours Song" "Heart and Soul"
2001 "My Most Wonderful Time" "Heart and Soul"
2002 "I'm A Lucky Man" "Heart and Soul"
2002 "I Don't Know" "Heart and Soul"
2002 "Who is this Man" "Heart and Soul"
2002 "It's About Loving You" "Heart and Soul"
2002 "Song for the Dragonfly" "Heart and Soul"
2004 "Twenty-Four Hours Times Two" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "My Heart Would Know" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "I Am Red" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "I Know What it is to be Loved" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "The Closest Thing to my Heart" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "Going My Own Sweet Way" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "Moate" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "He Still Holds You" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "Like A Stone" "My Heart Would Know"
2004 "I'll Be Missing You" "My Heart Would Know"


  • Charlie Landsborough A Special Performance
  • An Evening With/Shine Your Light Double DVD Collection

The team


Year Awarding Body Award
1990 British Country Music Awards Single of the Year - How Do You Do Those Things
BBC Radio 2 - Prestigious Award Record of the Week - Heaven Knows
1992 British Country Music Awards Top Solo Performer of the Year
1994 BBC East Midlands North Country Music Song of the Year - What Colour is the Wind
Country Music Round Up International Awards Favourite Album - What Colour is the Wind
Most Popular Male Vocalist
1995 UK Country Awards Best Album by a British Act (Recorded Anywhere) - What Colour is the Wind
Best Single - What Colour is the Wind
Best Song by a British Songwriter - What Colour is the Wind
1996 The Great British Country Music Awards Best British Male Vocalist
The Irish Record Music Association International Country Album of the Year - With You in Mind
UK Country Radio Awards Best Single - Forever Friend
Best Song - Forever Friend
Most Nominations
Best Single - Further Down the Road
Scottish Country Music Awards Most Popular Male Artist
Most Popular British Album - What Colour is the Wind
Most Popular British Song - Forever Friend
1997 The Great British Country Music Awards Best British Male Vocalist
1998 BBC Radio Merseyside Scouseology Award Best Music - Top Personality
The Great British Country Music Awards Best British Male Vocalist
UK Country Radio Awards Best Single - Further Down the Road
Most Nominations
2000 The Great British Country Music Awards Best British Male Vocalist
Best British Album - Still Can't Say Goodbye
UK Country Music Radio Awards Best Album - Still Can't Say Goodbye

Professional comments

  • "The greatest response ever on the show". Pat Kenny - Kenny Live RTE TV
  • "The biggest reaction for any artist on our last series". BBC TV Pebble Mill
  • "If you like warmth, honesty and credibility in a performer you'll love Charlie Landsborough". Gerry Kelly - Kelly Ulster TV.
  • "Incredible talent and unique style, deserves to be a major success". Sean Murphy - London Weekend TV
  • "Charlie's like good wine, he matures quietly over a long period of time, when the cork was popped it was well worth the wait". Gerry Anderson - BBC TV
  • "A brand new album of brand new songs, all written and performed by a quiet, unassuming gentle man who could very well be Britain's next country-folk superstar, internationally". George Hamilton IV


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