one of kind

One of a Kind

One of a Kind is an album by the British band Bruford. It was released in 1979 and is a collection of progressive melodies with much jazz exploration, in style that can be defined within the limits of jazz fusion. The group led by drummer Bill Bruford features guitarist Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jeff Berlin and keyboardist Dave Stewart. Some of the material ("Forever Until Sunday", which features an uncredited Eddie Jobson on violin, and "The Sahara Of Snow") was originally performed live by U.K. on its 1978 tour. Stewart's "Hell's Bells" used a fragment penned by his former National Health colleague Alan Gowen (the 3-chord pattern underlying the guitar solo).

Track listing

  1. "Hell's Bells" (Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart)
  2. "One Of A Kind, Pt. 1" (Bill Bruford)
  3. "One Of A Kind, Pt. 2" (Bruford, Stewart)
  4. "Travels With My Self — And Someone Else" (Bruford)
  5. "Fainting In Coils" (Bruford)
  6. "Five G" (Jeff Berlin, Bruford, Stewart)
  7. "The Abingdon Chasp" (Allan Holdsworth)
  8. "Forever Until Sunday" (Bruford)
  9. "The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 1" (Bruford)
  10. "The Sahara Of Snow, Pt. 2" (Bruford, Eddie Jobson)

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