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Danny Devos

Danny Devos also known as DDV (born in Vilvoorde, 1959) is a Belgian artist whose work involves body art and performance art and a fascination with true crime.

Since 1979 he has done over 100 performances and made several sculptural installations depicting violence, crime and murder. Since 1987 he has been corresponding with serial killers like Freddy Horion and Michel Bellen in Belgium and John Wayne Gacy in the USA.

In 1981 he founded the artist initiative Club Moral with Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven.

From 1998 until 2004 he was Social Commissioner and chairman of the NICC, the first association of Visual Artists in Belgium, where he was in charge of the Social Statute of the Artist.

In 2005 he moved to Beijing in China to develop and manage Art Farm for colleague artist Wim Delvoye.

His latest piece 'Diggin' for Gordon', inspired by Gordon Matta-Clark, is performed at a secret location and can only be seen by the audience through a webcam.

Club Moral is also a pioneer noise band.

Apart from solo sound concerts, he also performs with Bum Collar, an improvisational noise band with Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven on electronics, Mauro Pawlowski on guitar, and Paul Mennes engineering and browntones.

Solo exhibitions

Group exhibitions (selection)

  • Untitled (Ruimte Z) 1979
  • 1980 (ICC) 1980
  • Van Drang tot Dwang (Club Moral) 1983
  • De Dood (K4) 1984
  • Automobiënnale (Middelheim) 1985
  • Antichambres 1986
  • Het Onding Kunst (Stalker) 1988
  • Wahrheit und Dichtung (Galerie Maerz) 1989
  • Prime Time (w139) 1989
  • Woord en Beeld (MuHKA) 1992
  • Wunschmaschinen (WUK/Wolkersdorf) 1993
  • Transfer (Gent/Recklinghausen/Charleroi) 1994
  • De Rode Poort (SMAK) 1996
  • Beeldberichten (KMSKA) 1996
  • Alter Ego (Silpakorn University) 1999
  • The Divine Comedy (Fort Asperen) 1999
  • Pauvre Nous (Factor 44) 2004
  • Dear ICC (MuHKA) 2004
  • Voorbij Goed & Kwaad (Museum Dr. Guislain) 2006
  • The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience (NICC) 2007

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