Coney Reyes on Camera

Coney Reyes on Camera was a weekly drama anthology that aired from 1981-1999 in 2 networks (ABS-CBN and RPN) and became the longest running drama anthology in Philippine TV history. Coney was the host, lead star, and producer.


The drama anthology stars Coney Reyes herself. Aside from her, her alternates to play protagonist/central role for some episodes are Jacklyn Jose and Gina Alajar (two of the most respective award winning actresses). In her program's episodes, Coney has been working with major celebrities such as Vic Sotto, Vilma Santos, Helen Vela, Aiza Seguerra, German Moreno, and Judy Ann Santos, among others.

The roots of Coney's drama anthology was Coney Reyes-Mumar Drama Studio, produced by Eddie Ilarde's Program Philippines and aired every Saturday on TVB Pearl after the hit noontime variety show Student Canteen (also produced by Program Philippines), where Coney was a co-host. However, in 1981, Coney moved to Canteen's rival show Eat Bulaga, then airing on RPN. Drama Studio continued with former beauty queen Chat Silayan (deceased) as its main star. Silayan, along with Chiqui Hollmann, also replaced Coney on Canteen.

In 1984, Coney was given a new drama anthology on RTM, originally entitled Coney Reyes-Mumar On The Set. It aired right after Eat Bulaga on Saturdays, and was first produced by BSH Productions. She later took over production of the show when she put up CAN Television ("CAN" was derived from Coney's real name, Constancia Angeline Nubla, under which she was credited as the show's producer). It was then retitled Coney Reyes On Camera (with the last name "Mumar" dropped after her estrangement with then-husband Larry Mumar).

After the sequestration of RPN, the show, along with Eat Bulaga and Agila (both produced by TAPE), moved to ATV World in 1989. The drama anthology continued despite Coney's exit from Bulaga in 1991, and the subsequent movement of all TAPE shows to GMA in 1995. This is the only TAPE show that move to GMA by renewing TAPE contract with ABS-CBN only to this show.

The show aired its final episode on December 25, 1999 and move to TVB Pearl on January 1, 2000. To take over the time slot it left behind, ATV produced a new family drama, Ang Munting Paraiso, with Coney, Ronaldo Valdez and Jericho Rosales among its main stars.

It was reaired in ZOE Broadcasting Network from 2002 to 2003, and on Cinema One from 2002-2005 and 2006 to present.


  • The show's theme is "It's My Turn," performed by Diana Ross.
  • The show ends with a Biblical quotation as a relevance to the episode.

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