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artonpaper is a bi-monthly magazine that presents international coverage of artists working in a range of paper-based media, including limited-edition prints, artists' books, drawings, photographs, and ephemera. It is the only art magazine that exclusively covers works on paper.


Art on Paper was originally founded in the late 1960s as The Print Collectors Newsletter and for more than twenty-five years, under the direction of Jacqueline Brody, it provided collectors of limited edition prints, photography, and artists' books with a highly respected resource. In 1996, the newsletter was purchased by Gabriella Fanning, who changed its name to On Paper, expanded its coverage to include drawings, and converted it to a journal format. Two years later, in 1998, the publication became Art on Paper, a full-color magazine. It maintained an editorial commitment to works of all periods, from Old Master drawings to contemporary multiples. Today, artonpaper magazine is published by Darte Publishing LLC, which is owned by Peter Nesbett, Shelly Bancroft, and Sarah Andress. Darte Publishing LLC also publishes the book Letters to a Young Artist.

Many of today's most prominent art critics and art writers have written for artonpaper magazine at one point or another, or served on the editorial staff. Among them, Tim Griffin, Nancy Princenthal, Holland Cotter, Arthur Danto and Vicki Goldberg.

artonpaper Today

artonpaper is read by more than 40,000 artists, collectors, curators, dealers, master printers, professors, students, and art enthusiasts.

artonpaper publishes an annual Artists Only issue in July for which the editorial content is entirely written by artists, and for which it developed the concept of the MEVIEW, reviews written by artists of their own exhibitions. Another celebrated issue is the Annual Prints Review, published every November, which highlights important artists' editions from the previous year.

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