Dakota Territory's At-large congressional district

Dakota Territory's At-large congressional district is an obsolete congressional district that encompassed the entire Dakota Territory prior to admission to the Union. The district elected a delegate to the United States Congress.

List of Representatives

Delegate Party Years District home Note
John B.S. Todd Democratic December 9, 1861 – March 3, 1863 Yankton Lost re-election (later contested)
William Jayne 1863-03-041864-06-17 Election contested by Todd
John B.S. Todd Democratic June 17, 1864March 3, 1865 Yankton Lost re-election
Walter A. Burleigh Republican March 4, 1865March 3, 1869 Lost re-election
Solomon Lewis Spink Republican March 4 1869March 3 1871 Yankton Lost re-election
Moses K. Armstrong Democratic March 4 1871March 3 1875 Yankton Lost re-election
Jefferson P. Kidder Republican March 4 1875March 3 1879 Vermillion Lost re-omination
Granville G. Bennett Republican March 4 1879March 3 1881 Retired
Richard F. Pettigrew Republican March 4 1881March 3 1883 Sioux Falls Lost re-election
John B. Raymond Republican March 4 1883March 3 1885 Fargo Lost re-nomination
Oscar S. Gifford Republican March 4 1885March 3 1889 Canton
George A. Mathews Republican March 41889November 2, 1889 Brookings Statehood achieved

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