Oliva, Peace of, 1660, treaty signed at Oliva (now a suburb of Gdańsk) by Poland and Sweden. John II of Poland renounced the theoretical claim of his line to the Swedish crown, which his father, Sigismund III, had in practice lost in 1599. Poland furthermore confirmed Sweden in possession of N Livonia. Frederick William, elector of Brandenburg, was recognized in full sovereignty over Prussia (later known as East Prussia) but in turn confirmed Pomerelia (later West Prussia) as Polish.

Oliva is a municipality in the comarca of Safor in the Valencian Community, Spain. To its east lies 10 km of coastline and beaches fronting the Mediterranean Sea.

The Paseo - or Passeig in Valencian - runs through centre of the town, and features a market each Friday. On the left side of the Marina beach is Kiko beach. The blue flagged beaches of Oliva stretch for 7 kilometros, many of which contain sand dunes

Oliva has one of the province's biggest and most colourful Moor and Christian Festivals in the province. In the old town there are two churches, Sant Roc and Santa Maria la Mayor. Sant Roc dates from to the 18th-19th centuries, and Santa Maria to the 17th-18th centuries. At the top of the hill in the old town is Santa Ana Castle, built in the 16th century.

In the centre of the village is a Roman kiln situated below one of the blocks of apartments on C/ Santissimo

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