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Let There Be Light (SATC episode)

Let There Be Light begins with Carrie Bradshaw opening mail. She spots a hand-written letter, and opens it. It reads: "Would you like to go for a walk?" The letter is written by Alexandr Petrovsky, a Russian man she went out with once. The two then meet up in a park and go for a walk. They chat for a while, and Carrie finds out that he had been in Holland for 3 weeks. They then sit down on a bench. Alexandr pulls out a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate, which he brought from Holland. Carrie bites into one, and Alexandr kisses her.

The scene then switches, and now we see Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie searching for a good perfume. While they're sniffing different fragrances, Carrie announces that she is taking on a "lov-ah".

Now, we see Miranda and Steve getting into an elevator to get to their apartment. On the way up, Dr. Robert Leeds (Miranda's ex-boyfriend) gets in. The whole situation is awkward and uncomfortable.

We then see Charlotte talking to Antony, one of her best friends, about being pregnant. It's a very nice day out, and while they are walking, Charlotte notices a blind man. She says that it must be terrible to not be able to see on such a beautiful fall day, and decides that maybe she should stop thinking about her miscarriage, and volunteer for the blind.

The scene reverts to Miranda walking up the stairs; she didn't want to run into Robert on the elevator again, but he apparently had the same thought, as the two met on the stairs. Robert, instead of saying "hello", runs past her, and Miranda stops him. She tells him that if she knew that Steve and her would get back together, she never would have gone out with Robert. Robert says not to worry, but that he hoped she would understand when she got his "stud fee". The two have an argument. Miranda returns to her apartment, and tells Steve that they cannot use the elevator anywhere between 8 AM and 10 PM, since she absolutely does not want to run into Robert.

Carrie and Alexandr get out of an elevator, and she thanks him in Russian. (Carrie found out how to say "Hello" and "Thank you" in Russian, while getting a bikini wax from a Russian woman.) He tells her she speaks Russian very well. He shows her that he has the whole floor- a studio and an apartment. They kiss, and then he starts to show her around the apartment, telling her that it used to be an old sweat shop in the 1920's. She asks him to show her upstairs, and they spend the night together.

Carrie then wakes up, and sees that Alexandr, who is not in bed, left her a little note saying that he is making breakfast. She gets up and goes downstairs. However, she is startled when she sees people working downstairs. They stop and look up at her, briefly, but then they go back to work. She turns and sees Alexandr, who greets her and tells her he made "pancakes for the lady" and gives her some coffee. He then has to start working.

Carrie is now walking down the street, talking to Samantha about how the workers "went on about their business, totally unfazed" after they saw her. Samantha tells her that they've probably seen it all; Carrie isn't the first girl he's gone out with. Samantha tells Carrie that she is actually jealous of [Carrie's] boyfriend; Smith, Samantha's boyfriend, is hot, but he's a "baby". He's almost 30; Samantha is 45. Carrie then asks Samantha how many girls she thinks Petrovsky has gone out with, and Samantha asks her if it really matters. Carrie then gets to thinking. She then goes to Googling him, and finds a website detailing "the many loves of Alexandr Petrovsky" which talks about all of his girlfriends.

The scene switches to Smith and Samantha, and he grabs a brochure which reads: "Top 30 under 30". He says that there is a party where they picked the "top" 30 under 30 [years old], and wants him to go with her. She says no, but he begs her to at least read the brochure. Upon opening it, she realizes that it is hosted by Richard Wright, an old boyfriend of hers- a real man, someone who isn't a baby. She agrees on going with him.

We see Charlotte talking to a woman, explaining that she wasn't allowed to try to get pregnant again for a whil (after her miscarage) so she decided she'd love to volunteer for the blind. The woman informs her that volunteering for the blind is a serious undertaking, and advises her to go somewhere busy, like a mall, and have a friend lead her around, blindfolded, so that she'll begin to get a sense of what it is like to be blind. So we see Charlotte and Carrie entering a mall, talking about Petrovsky. The conversation ends when Carrie says: "Okay, let's get blind!" Charlotte slips on the blindfold, but as she does so, Carrie's cell phone rings, and it's Petrovsky. She answers, but realizes that the reception is terrible. She quickly tells Charlotte to stay where she was, and that she was going to go somewhere else really quick to get better reception. Carrie moves off and Petrovsky invites her to diner. But a large crowd bumps into Charlotte, who still has the mask on, and Charlotte is whisked off by accident. She's trying to find her way around when Carrie is looking for her. Finally, Charlotte bumps into a sale rack and takes off the blindfold, and sees Carrie trying on a pair of shoes. Carrie says that she looked and looked, and thought: "Best if she finds me!"

Now Samantha and Smith are waiting in line at the party, and she persuades him to cut to the front of the line. They do so, and see Richard Wright. The two (Richard and Samantha) get a drink and talk for a while.

Miranda and Steve are moving things into their new apartment, and they decide to get the TV first, and they see that it's smashed. They believe that Robert did it, since he's still "madly in love" with Miranda. Steve goes up to Robert's apartment, saying he's going to settle it. He goes up, and sees lots of girls in the apartment. He then says that he's sorry, and Miranda is sorry, and Robert says that he really appreciates that.

Samantha then decides that she wants to stop "babysitting" and be with a "real" guy. He starts to lead her to a hotel room, when Smith sees her. He asks if he can come along, and she says no, that "It's been fun, but where is it all going?" Later, Samantha realizes that Richard is not the guy for her, and comes back down, softly crying, and she sees that Smith was waiting for her. He tells her that he wanted to make sure she got a safe ride home. She starts sobbing and saying that she hates herself for doing this to him. The two make up.

Carrie spent the night at Petrovsky's house, and he gets up, saying he has work to do, but she's free to stay around the apartment if she wants. She gets up after he leaves, and gets dressed and then heads down to his studio. She goes inside and talks to him, saying that it's been great, but.. She's not cut out for it, with all of the other women. He explains that there were other women, but now it's just about Carrie. He says that he does have "a book with emergency telephone numbers", but that he just likes her and wants to be with her. She asks: "Why me?" He shrugs and says: "Why me?" Carrie decides that she'll stay with Petrovsky; she really likes him.


Sarah Jessica Parker ... Carrie Bradshaw

Kim Cattrall ... Samantha Jones

Kristin Davis ... Charlotte York

Cynthia Nixon ... Miranda Hobbes

Mikhail Baryshnikov ... Aleksandr Petrovsky

Catherine Campion ... Party Girl

Sinsu Co ... Club Owner's Posse

David Eigenberg ... Steve Brady

Anna George ... Padma

Bayne Gibby ... Volunteer for the Blind

Matthew Jay ... Bartender

Giselle Jones ... Fragrance Girl

Jill Latiano ... Party Girl #2 Jason Lewis ... Jerry "Smith" Jerrod

Brian Nishii ... Lee

James Remar ... Richard Wright

Chester Riley ... Bouncer Maggie Rizer ... Party Girl #1

Francine Roussel ... Violette Challe

Blair Underwood ... Dr. Robert Leeds


"Ladies, I'm taking a lov-ah. Yes, a lov-ah!" -Carrie talking to her friends.

(Quote is from the movie)


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