OKTA is the only oil refinery in the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated outside the capital city of Skopje. The company started up production in 1982. The managing director is Petros Karalis. It was acquired in 1999 by Hellenic Petroleum.

It is a hydroskimming refinery and with an annual capacity of 4 million tons, OKTA is well able to meet the Republic of Macedonia own need for 1.25 million tons of refined products per year. A ready, and cheaper, crude oil is supplied to neighboring areas like Kosovo.


A pipeline linking the port of Thessaloniki with the OKTA oil refinery outside Skopje began full operations in September. The pipeline, which took three years to build, will provide the Republic of Macedonia with a constant and reliable source of oil and, in the longer term, there are plans to export refined oil products to neighboring areas.


Oil derivatives produced at OKTA include:


OKTA is the only company in the Republic of Macedonia which has complete physical, chemical and biological waste water treatment.

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