The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman is the largest daily and statewide newspaper in Oklahoma and is the only daily newspaper that covers the Oklahoma City area. The Gaylord family owns the newspaper, which helped build a multi-billion dollar fortune. The editorial viewpoint has through the years been labeled as conservative, but the leadership of the paper contends it is non-partisan, and reflects the views of its readers.

Founded in 1889 in Oklahoma City by Sam Small, The Daily Oklahoman was taken over in 1903 by The Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO), controlled by E.K. Gaylord. E.K. Gaylord died at 101 years, controlling the newspaper for the previous 71 years. Management of the newspaper passed to his son, Edward L. Gaylord, who managed the newspaper from 1974 to 2003. Christy Gaylord Everest, daughter of Edward L. Gaylord and granddaughter of E.K. Gaylord, is chairman and chief executive for the Oklahoma Publishing Company, which publishes The Oklahoman. Gaylord Everest is assisted by her sister Louise Gaylord Bennett. The newspaper has faced criticism, with the Columbia Journalism Review publishing a story in 1999 calling The Oklahoman the "Worst Newspaper in America" due primarily to the right-wing politician views of the Gaylord family, alleged racist hiring practices, and high costs of ads.

Until Feb. 29, 1984, OPUBCO published an afternoon daily newspaper, the Oklahoma City Times. It was folded into the Daily Oklahoman beginning with the March 1, 1984, issue.


Charles George Werner, a rookie political cartoonist at the newspaper, won the 1939 Pulitzer Prize for editorial art. The winning cartoon, Nomination for 1938, depicted the Nobel Peace Prize resting on a grave marked Grave of Czecho-Slovakia, 1919-1938. Published on Oct. 6, 1938, the cartoon bit at the recently concluded Munich Agreement, which transferred the Sudetenland (a strategically important part of Czechoslovakia) to Nazi Germany.

Editorial Staff

  • Ed Kelley, Editor
  • Kelly Dyer Fry, Vice President of News & Information
  • Mike Shannon, Managing Editor (News)
  • Joe Hight, Director of Information & Development
  • Robby Trammell, News Director
  • Doug Hoke, Director of Photography
  • Yvette Walker, Director of Presentation
  • Dave Morris, Director of Video
  • Don Shockey, Night Editor
  • Clytie Bunyan, Business Editor
  • Michael Baker, City Editor
  • J.E. McReynolds, Chief Editorial Writer
  • Sonya Colberg, Features Editor
  • Steve Byerly, News Editor
  • Linda Lynn, News Research Editor
  • Mike Sherman, Sports Editor
  • Dave Cathey, State Editor

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