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Oil Slick (Transformers)

Oil Slick is the name of several fictional characters from the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Universe

Oil Slick's box featured a brief story about switching sides and hunting Crystal Widow.

Oil Slick has yet to appear in any fiction from the series, although the current story from Fun Publications, called "Withered Hope" features Crystal Widow.


  • Universe Oil Slick (2004)

A Deluxe sized vehicle. Oil Slick is a Decepticon redeco of Armada Sideswipe. His partner is an "Search and Destroy Robot" based on Sideswipe's Mini-Con partner Nightbeat. He was a K-Mart store exclusive who was packaged with Crystal Widow. This set was later discounted and sold through Big Lots stores.

Transformers: Classics

Oil Slick is the name of a Mini-Con who turns into a car.

He is a member of the Dirt Digger Team, a gorund of roughneck spies.

Fun Publications

His biography was printed in issue 17 of the Transformers Collectors Club magazine.

Oil Slick appeared in text story "A New World" by Fun Publications. He was one of the Mini-Cons who sided with Broadside in overthrowing Modus Prime's rule and siding with the Decepticons.


  • Classic Oil Slick (2007)

A Mini-Con sized vehicle packaged with his partners Grindor and Dirt Rocket. His colors and shape seem to be inspired by the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard series.

Transformers: Animated

Oil Slick is the name of a Decepticon. Little is known about this Decepticon at the moment, save for the fact that he transforms into a motorcycle (which also has a ram-head on it), and is armed with a chain weapon. His existence first came to light when his toy was displayed at Toy Fair 2007..

Pictures of Oil Slick were released on the internet in February 2008.

As of the end of season 2, Oil Slick remains a toy-only character, but Hasbro Representatives at BotCon have indicated that this may change in season 3.


  • Animated Oil Slick (2008)

A Deluxe sized vehicle.


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