oil cooler

Cooler (disambiguation)

Cooler is most commonly an insulated box used to keep food and drink cool with ice.

The term cooler may also refer to:


Industry and technology

Society elements and institutions

  • Cooler, a Bouncer (doorman), a person who deals with disorderly people in a place where people congregate for entertainment.
  • Cooler, a Prison

Entertainment and recreation

  • Cooler, a hand played from a cold deck in poker, but can also be used when a player with a very strong hand loses to one with an even stronger hand.
  • Coola, a fictional character in Dragonball Z movies
  • The Cooler, a 2003 drama/romance/comedy film directed by Wayne Kramer
    • The leading role in this movie that works for a casino that is considered bad luck who in turn makes other have bad luck when they are near.
  • The Cooler (book), a George Markstein spy novel
  • Cooler Conditions, an album by Canadian reggae musician Snow

Food and beverage

Further disambiguation

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