Statehood Day (Croatia)

Statehood Day (Dan državnosti) is a holiday that occurs every year on June 25 in Croatia to commemorate the country's 1991 declaration of independence from Yugoslavia. The Statehood Day is an official holiday, a day off work in Croatia.

The Croatian Parliament declared independence after the referendum held on May 19th, 1991, where 94% of the voters voted for the option that said:

  1. The Republic of Croatia, as a sovereign and independent state, which guarantees cultural autonomy and all civil rights to Serbs and members of other nationalities in Croatia, can form an alliance of sovereign states with other republics.

Similar percentage voted against the second option that was offered and that said:

  1. Republic of Croatia is staying in Yugoslavia as a unitary federal state.

The Statehood Day used to be May 30, commemorating May 30, 1990, when the first post-Communist multi-party Parliament was constituted. There was some controversy in the public regarding which date is more suitable for the day of the statehood, but in the end June 25th prevailed as the Statehood Day, and May 30th is marked a minor holiday, one that is not an off-day.

This holiday is not to be confused with Croatia's Independence Day, which is held each year on October 8. The independence was proclaimed on June 25th, but due to the negotiation of the Brioni Agreement, a three-month moratorium was placed on the implementation of the decision, and the Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia in October.

Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia at the same time, and also celebrates Statehood Day on June 25. However, Slovenia celebrates Independence Day on a different day, December 26.

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