off beaten track

Off the Beaten Track (album)

Off The Beaten Track is a compilation album by The Stranglers. It was released by EMI, who had acquired the back catalogues of the Strangler's former labels United Artists and Liberty. The compilation collects tracks which were originally only available as the A or B-sides to various 7" vinyl singles released by United Artists and Liberty.

Track listing

  1. "Go Buddy Go"
  2. "Top Secret"
  3. "Old Codger"
  4. "Maninwhite"
  5. "Rok It to the Moon"
  6. "Love 30"
  7. "Shut Up"
  8. "Walk On By"
  9. "Vietnamerica"
  10. "Mean to Me"
  11. "Cruel Garden"
  12. "Yellocake UF6"
  13. "5 Minutes"

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