Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios

[oh-choh ree-uhs]
Ocho Rios, town, NE Jamaica, on the Caribbean Sea. It is a major tourist center, as well as a commercial port that exports mainly bauxite.
Ocho Ríos (also known by the nickname Ochie), Spanish for Eight Rivers, is a town on the northern coast of Jamaica, located in the parish of Saint Ann. It is a popular tourist destination, well known for scuba diving and other water sports.

Ocho Rios is one of the fastest growing towns in the Caribbean with a population of about 96,000 people.

Ocho Rios was once a fishing village until it was discovered and is now a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean as well as a famous stop for cruise ships going into the Caribbean. It is only second in importance to the tourism industry of Jamaica. It is also a famous destination for beachcombers such as Donna Summer and Keith Richards.

Ocho Ríos is also known as the home of Dunn's River Falls. This is a popular attraction that is visited by thousands of visitors each year. Dunn's River Falls cascades down approximately 695 feet into the sea. Visitors take pleasure in 'climbing' the falls, which are fed by springs located in the hills above, as the water rushes around them.

Several of the best resorts in Jamaica are located near Ocho Ríos, including the all-inclusive Couples Sans Souci Resort & Spa, Couples Tower Island, Sunset Grande Jamaica at Ocho Rios, Sandals Grande Ocho Ríos, the newly built RIU Hotels Ocho Ríos, the refurbished Shaw Park Beach Hotel & Spa, the Jamaica Inn, Royal Plantation and The Blue House Luxury Bed and Breakfast Inn. Ocho Ríos has gained substantially in popularity among vacationers in recent years as the north coast highway has been improved from the international airport at Montego Bay to Ocho Ríos -- an hour and forty five minute drive. The town is also considered one of the safest areas for tourists in Jamaica. There are a number of good restaurants, a lively night club scene at Margaritaville as well as the nation's two most popular attractions in Jamaica -- Dunn's River Falls (described above) and Dolphin Cove, where visitors are able to swim and interact with dolphins. Another popular thing Jamaica is known for is Bob Marley. Jamaica is known for spreading peace, love, and no worries and he is one of the main reasons why. You can take the "nine mile tour" which takes you through his home and other places he went through his life.

A natural mineral spring fills a pool in Ocho Rios at the Couples Resorts Sans Souci. In the natural mineral spring resides a turtle who is more than one hundred years old.

British Art rock band 10cc's 1978 album Bloody Tourists features a Reggae-tinged song called "From Rochdale To Ochio Rios"

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