Och-Ziff Capital Management

Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC is a global hedge fund. As of March 5 2008, it was the fifth largest hedge fund, with approximately $33.2 billion of assets under management.

It was founded in 1994 by Daniel Och, together with the Ziff family. Prior to this, Mr. Och had spent 11 years at Goldman Sachs.

It is a multi-strategy fund, including merger arbitrage, convertible arbitrage, equity restructuring, credit and distressed investments, private investments and real estate. As of September 2008, it employed 150 investment professionals.

It's headquarters are in New York. There are offices in London, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Beijing.

Och-Ziff went public in 2007.

It is a significant investor in Cobra Beer.


OZ Master Fund, Ltd.

OZ Europe Master Fund, Ltd

OZ Asia Master Fund, Ltd

OZ Global Special Investments Master Fund, L.P.


Daniel Och Chairman, CEO, Executive Managing Director, and Chief Investment Officer
Joel Frank Executive Managing Director, CFO, and Board Member
David Windreich Executive Managing Director and Board Member
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