occupational medicine

industrial medicine

or occupational medicine

Branch of medicine dealing with workers' health and the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries in the workplace. Workplace hazards include exposure to dangerous materials including asbestos and coal dust, radiation exposure, and machinery capable of causing injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. Industrial medical programs mandate protective devices around machines' moving parts, proper ventilation of work areas, use of less toxic materials, containment of production processes, and protective equipment and clothing. Good industrial medical programs improve labour-management relations, increase workers' overall health and productivity, and reduce insurance costs.

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The Occupational Medicine Specialists of Canada (OMSOC) is a non-profit organization representing occupational medicine specialists created in 2006 and is based in Ottawa, Canada. It is the National Specialty Society for occupational medicine specialists in Canada.

The mission of OMSOC is to promote and enhance the medical specialty practice of occupational medicine in Canada, a specialty recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and to act as the Canadian voice for that specialty.

The current and founding president is Dr. Michael Schweigert.

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