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Obuasi, town (1984 pop. 60,617), S central Ghana. Highly concentrated gold ore is mined, and there are gold-extraction plants. Gold was mined in Obuasi by indigenous peoples as early as the 17th cent. From the late 1890s it was developed by Europeans into a modern mining town. Operating since 1965, it remains Ghana's only privately owned mine.

Obuasi is a city in southern Ghana, lying south of Kumasi. It has a population of 115,564 (2000 census) On the railway line from Kumasi to Sekondi, it is known for its gold mine, now one of the ten largest in the world, gold having been mined on the site since at least the seventeenth century. Operated by the Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGA), formerly the Ashanti Gold Company, it was the company's largest mine until the company's merger with the South African company AngloGold.

Notable people from the city include the footballer John Mensah and Sam E Jonah, KBE, the former CEO of Ashanti Goldfields Company. Ashanti Gold Sporting Club, a football club, and Adullam orphanage are also located within the city.

Obuasi is also noted for the great healthcare facilities such as AGA Hospital owned by Anglo Gold and also a private health facility, St. Jude Hospital, owned by Dr. George Owusu-Asiedu. The facility is noted for many successful surgeries and numerous successful births at the maternity wing of the hospital run by the former president of the Ghana Midwives Association, Mrs. Priscalla Owusu-Asiedu. Obuasi also has its own airport that can go anywhere in Africa.

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