Obturator foramen

Obturator foramen

The obturator foramen is the hole created by the ischium and pubis bones of the pelvis through which nerves and muscles pass.

General structure

It is bounded by a thin, uneven margin, to which a strong membrane is attached, and presents, superiorly, a deep groove, the obturator groove, which runs from the pelvis obliquely medialward and downward.

This groove is converted into the obturator canal by a ligamentous band, a specialized part of the obturator membrane, attached to two tubercles:

Through the canal the obturator vessels and obturator nerve pass out of the pelvis.

For etymology see obturate and foramen.


Reflecting the overall gender differences between male and female pelvises, the obturator foramina are round in the male and oval in the female.

Additionally, unilateral pelvis hypoplasia can cause differences in size between the obturator foramina, and there are even rare reports of individual pelvises featuring a double obturator foramen in one of the hip bones.

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