[ob-tuh-reyt, -tyuh-]
Obturator, is a term used to refer to an object used to obstruct a hole. Specifically, it can refer to:

1. The central removable core of a medical instrument (e.g. a proctoscope) which allows easy insertion of the tip into the anus or other orifice. The obturator typically has a rounded end which protrudes through the far opening of the instrument. This is inserted into the orifice and then withdrawn allowing easy viewing of the cavity being examined.

2. a prosthetic device serving to close an opening in the body. Can be used as a maxillofacial prosthesis to close a cleft palate.

3. A naming convention used to describe an anatomical structures that obturates an anatomical foramen or aperture

4. In gunnery where an Obturator is used to stop the escape of gas until the propulsion phase is complete. This applies particularly to large-bore artillery pieces.

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