Obote, Apollo Milton, 1924-2005, president of Uganda (1966-71, 1980-85). Obote, a member of the legislative council of Uganda from 1957, founded (1960) the Uganda People's Congress. Prime minister from 1962 to 1966, he led a revolution, installing himself as president in 1966. Overthrown by Idi Amin in 1971, Obote fled to Tanzania. He returned with the Tanzanian-aided invasion (1979) and was reelected (1980) amid accusations of fraud. Factionalism led to an army coup in 1985 in which he was ousted a second time, and he again went into exile.

Milton Obote.

(born Dec. 28, 1924, Akoroko village, Lango, Uganda—died Oct. 10, 2005, Johannesburg, S.Af.) First prime minister (1962–70) and president (1966–71, 1980–85) of Uganda. Elected to the Legislative Council in 1958, he led his country to independence in 1962. As prime minister, he accepted a constitution that granted federal status to five traditional kingdoms, including Buganda, but in 1966 he sent troops under Gen. Idi Amin to subdue Buganda's ruler, Mutesa II, and later abolished all the kingdoms. Obote was overthrown in a 1971 coup led by Amin, but, after Amin was deposed in 1979, Obote returned to Uganda and established a repressive government. He was again ousted in 1985 and eventually settled in Zambia.

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