Obliterate is a grindcore band from Košice. Founded in 1992, as one of the first band of this genre in slovakia


1. To do away with completely. 2. To wipe out or erase.


1993 Pieces Of Superior Life (demo)
1995 Blindness (demo)
1997 Blindness (split 7" EP w/ Excrete Alive) Merciless Core
1999 [promo tape]
2000 [split MC w/ N.C.C.] Impregnate Productions
2000 The Feelings Erebos Productions
2002 Against Your Will[split w/ Din-Addict] Scud

Actual lineup:

Tomas Cervenak - Vocals
Marek "Stromy" Stromayer - Guitar, vocals
Marcel "Barbie" Malega - Drums
Teletubbies - Background Laughter

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