objets trouves

Musée du Service des Objets Trouvés

The Musée du Service des Objets Trouvés, also known as the Petit musée des objets trouvés, is a small museum of unusual articles maintained by the Service des Objets Trouvés (Lost and Found Department) of the Paris Police. It is located in the 15th arrondissement at 36, rue des Morillons, Paris, France. Although it is located within the public lost and found repository, the museum itself is not generally open to the public.

The museum contains a number of unusual items that have not (yet) been claimed by their owners, including a lobster found at Paris-Orly Airport airport, a funerary urn lost in the subway station near Père Lachaise cemetery, a fireman's helmet, skulls, a wooden leg, wedding dresses, and a roll of copper weighing over 100 kg.

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